3M White Board

Light, flexible, durable 3M Whiteboard is the "write" way to create whiteboard surfaces.

Everybody loves using whiteboard because it turns walls into reusable writing surfaces. But specifying it or installing whiteboard can be another matter entirely, because it's heavy and inflexible. As for whiteboard paint, it's costly and requires multiple steps to apply.

3M Whiteboard surface, on the other hand, makes installation a snap, and keeps cost down. It's also the perfect solution for refurbishing tired, old whiteboard, or replacing and upgrading existing whiteboard.

3M Whiteboard Films offer all the fun and utility of whiteboard:

  • Super-light and erasable using standard whiteboard markers

  • By simple application on walls and partitions, one can create a whiteboard surface in virtually any size

  • Wide variety of applications: from office meeting rooms, universities, kindergarten and schools to retail and many others.


  • 3M Whiteboard Film offers all the cost- efficiency of regular Whiteboard. Apply it directly to substrates such as drywall, saving time and money. Application is fast and easy.

Light weight

  • The reduced thickness of 3M Whiteboard finishes enable whiteboard installations that are lighter than traditional materials. 3M Whiteboard Film is easy to handle and convert.


  • Create a whiteboard on flat surfaces or over curves. The vinyl whiteboard material is amazingly flexible, with fast, easy application.