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3M White Board Films


Light, flexible, durable 3M Whiteboard Film is the “write” way to create whiteboard surfaces.

Everybody loves using whiteboard because it turns walls into reusable writing surfaces. But specifying it or installing a whiteboard can be another matter entirely because it’s heavy and inflexible. As for whiteboard paint, it’s costly and requires multiple steps to apply.

3M Whiteboard surface, on the other hand, makes installation a snap and keeps the cost down. It’s also the perfect solution for refurbishing tired, old whiteboard, or replacing and upgrading the existing whiteboard.

3M Whiteboard Films offer all the fun and utility of whiteboard:

  • Super-light and erasable using standard whiteboard markers
  • By simple application on walls and partitions, one can create a whiteboard surface in virtually any size
  • Wide variety of applications: from office meeting rooms, universities, kindergarten, and schools to retail and many others.


  • 3M Whiteboard Film offers all the cost- efficiency of regular Whiteboard. Apply it directly to substrates such as drywall, saving time and money. The application is fast and easy.


  • The reduced thickness of 3M Whiteboard finishes enables whiteboard installations that are lighter than traditional materials. 3M Whiteboard Film is easy to handle and convert.


  • Create a whiteboard on flat surfaces or over curves. The vinyl whiteboard material is amazingly flexible, with a fast, easy application.

Whiteboard; much more than just a blackboard


Transforming a simple wall surface, a divider panel, a metal wall into a whiteboard or a projection screen is now possible thanks to 3M Whiteboard Films. These flexible, innovative sticky whiteboards can transform any collaboration area, from boardrooms to sales meetings, schools to universities, whatever the wall size




3M™ Projection Screen Whiteboard Film PWF-500

PWF-500 is a matte white PVC film with whiteboard and projection capabilities. It offers excellent viewing angle characteristics, in addition to uniform brightness at any angle. Not only it is much lower in weight than traditional projector screens, but it also saves space with perfect architectural integration features into the ambient office interior. It improves the creativity and productivity of meetings by making whole walls as whiteboard and screen. Using water-based whiteboard markers, the film is easily erasable and washable. PWF-500 offers great versatility for the interior application of office rooms, retail, schools, and other private or public buildings.



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3M™ Projection Screen

Whiteboard Film PWF-500MG

The 3M™ Projection Screen Whiteboard Film PWF-500MG is a high-quality non-adhesive film with whiteboard and projection screen capabilities.

It has a thin magnetic backing making it easy to carry anywhere and simple to affix to any steel partition wall surface. It can be used as a projector screen by affixing it to blackboards, steel partitions, or any magnetic surface in offices or schools. Easy to install, easy to remove, easy to take away. Extremely portable.



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3M™  Whiteboard Film WH-111

WH-111 is a glossy white polyester film with whiteboard capabilities. Its construction gives this product the unique feature that texts and drawings, written with water-based whiteboard markers, can be easily removed. Its high gloss surface allows smooth writing. Thanks to its thinness and lightweight, it maximizes the active space of the meeting room comparing to traditional whiteboards and screens with legs. Its use is restricted to indoor applications on flat steel panels.



Product  Capability Colour  Finish Thickness Adhesive Roll Size Warranty


PWF-500 Writing and projection  White Matt  0,23 mm Comply  1,22 X 30 M

1,22 X 9 M

 12 years
PWF-500MG Writing and projection White  Matt 0,6 mm Non-adhesive

Magnetic backing



0,92 X 10 M

0,92 X 2 M

0,92 X 1,2 M

12 years
WH-111  Writing White   Gloss  0,17 mm


Standard 1,25 X 30 M

1,25 X 9 M

12 years


3M Whiteboard Films  for Kids

As a result of 3M’s decades of experience in the production of self-adhesive films, 3M Whiteboard films offer peace of mind through the 3M warranty system. These films can be easily maintained with commonly used detergents, whilst its impact and scratch resistance make the product suitable for more severe exposure applications. 3M™  Comply™  adhesive technology allows air to escape through fine air release channels in the adhesive, enabling fast, bubble-free application. Application method: dry only.


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3M Whiteboard Fills


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