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Acronis Backup Storage in Dubai, UAE. Make sure your data and files are secure. 

Images (1) Acronis Data Backup and Recovery is the next simplified generation of the Standalone True Image data disaster recovery product (DRP) and it generates the exact duplicate of the company’s workstation files. So, Acronis does the back up of the operating system, applications, key data files, and all folders. Our experts make sure your data is safe with Acronis for restoration should you encounter a disaster. Thus,  it is easier to restore data from Acronis backups. Additionally, Acronis offers the most reliable and easy to use backup for all business sizes. It offers complete backup protection now and forever. This is the best cyber backup option.

From virtualization to data creation to cloud services brought about a new paradigm shift and problems in maintaining backup and recovery for critical data. So, with the introduction of Acronis Backup, it made it easier to migrate data, protect, and disaster recovery of critical data that was stored in the virtual, physical, and cloud environments. Thus, Techmind Solutions brings to you an experienced team of Acronis Backup experts.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in backup and disaster recovery. So, we provide backup and recovery solutions ranging from those working from a single machine to the whole organization. Due to the evolution of the cloud, it is very easier to do automation. Acronis Cloud Backup offers a free Acronis True Image Trial for 30 trial days. Likewise, due to cyber-attacks that are surging, Acronis offers an Acronis cyber backup. Acronis Data backup can be installed on any hardware including HP servers.

Acronis Cyber Backup Overview

We know the importance of your business and scaling needs. Therefore, with our Backup and Recoveries solutions, we offer data protection solutions that support broad systems. Acronis offers Acronis Backup Cloud, Acronis DR Cloud, and Acronis File Cloud. Antivirus can be installed to thwart threats, however, it is still critical to have backup solutions in place.

Acronis Backup Cloud

Techmind Solutions offers you Any to Any Backup despite the location. With Acronis Cloud Backup, there are no upfront costs. We help you with deployment, managed services, and technical support.  Also, we support you with backup when you need to back data to any device from any location and do a recovery to any platform.

Acronis DR Cloud

Acronis DR is a built upon service solution on Acronis Backup. Through our dedicated and experienced team, we help you in the recovery of your critical data and systems, applications, and data should there be a disaster through the use of Acronis Cloud infrastructure. Techmind Solution is an expert in Acronis Cyber and Disaster Recovery.

Acronis File Cloud

Provides office and mobile users with safe file access, sync, and share. We help your company get the best experience from sharing files. We help you with implementation and technical support.

Why Use Acronis Cyber Backup?

  • DR for any workload.
  • Total data protection.
  • Cloud backup.
  • Automated Backup.
  • Easier to use and manage.

What Techmind Solutions Can Do For You?

Above everything, we make sure you get the best services in:

  • Deployment
  • Technical Support
  • Managed Services
  • Disaster Recovery in seconds
  • DR Experts

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