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Amazon web services (AWS) is an extensive cloud platform that comes from Amazon, which has more than 165 fully-featured services ranging from data centers across the world. It assists millions of customers worldwide deploy and scale their IT services on the cloud while enjoying cost benefits upfront. AWS offers low prices with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. There are no up-front expenses or hidden costs. It offers cloud platform services and cloud computing. AWS makes it very possible to scale up as the traffic increases without affecting the portal. It offers speed-to-market benefits to bootstrap your startup. Techmind Solutions is an Amazon web services reseller in Dubai, UAE and we assist customers with hosting their services on the Amazon cloud. Through our AWS experts, we bring in the best reliability by knowing your business model to deliver AWS infrastructure.

Aws Cloud Computing

AWS Cloud Computing Services

Security is a key concern when companies are migrating from on-premise to the cloud. AWS makes sure that security is guaranteed as organizations migrate to the Amazon cloud from on-premise. AWS cloud services reduce costs and offer scalability. Through AWS built-in tools for costs management, AWS helps you diminish the operating cost on your present business services by optimizing with AWS instances. With AWS cloud services, organizations are able to shift their focus from IT infrastructure and concentrate on critical internal business goals.

Datacenter management and other IT operations can be migrated to Amazon for ease of management from the world-leading cloud experts. Apart from AWS, Techmind boasts about providing Google cloud services as well. You have a variety to select from. We are your one-stop solutions to your IT solutions in Dubai and the UAE.

AWS Computing Services

Knowing how your customers are likely to respond to your newly developed application is not a walk in the park. It takes lots of time to be able to predict the behavior of your customers. Therefore, many organizations after deploying their applications, experience mainly two effects. Either they will start incurring huge costs on idle systems or working on a limited capacity. Thus, if the capacity is low, there is bound to be poor customer service until the limitation is to get rid of. So, when you move to Amazon Web Services, these challenges will be things of the past. All your challenges are eliminated.

Aws Cloud Computing

Amazon cloud services let you use and deploy systems and resources that are necessary to you at that specific moment. Companies are able to scale up and down with AWS, hence reducing unnecessary costs and idle resources. You can reduce your costs by a click. If you find them irrelevant to your business, you can turn them off and continue with your work. As more and more systems or services can be used at certain times and not all times, the good news is you can deactivate systems any time of the day. There is no need to have a headache since you pay for the service that you need. We are delighted to be offering Amazon Web Services in Dubai.

Therefore, for those organizations that are not sure of the cloud computing services to use, call us and our cloud migration experts will assist you. We have various cloud solutions available for you. In addition, there are also various edge computing solutions that we provide in Dubai and across the UAE.

Why Amazon Web Services?

  • Cost-cutting
  • Scalability
  • Eliminate guessing on your infrastructure
  • Focus on the key projects and divert your attention from infrastructure
  • Unified package

Talk to us if your ultimate goal is to reduce your infrastructure cost. AWS allows you to have remote access to your systems and it can support remote workspaces. We are here to help you with cost reduction, at the same time giving IT solutions that are have unified packages. There is no need for your systems to operate in silos. Techmind Solutions helps you to integrate your systems to AWS for ease of management and reliability. If you are in need of information about AWS services, you can find it on amazon.

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