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Techmind Solutions is a  Premium Partner for AMX  working with Clients to meet there Meeting Room and Boardroom requirements providing with  best of solutions.


To hold the Perfect Meeting requires the perfect meeting space. In our information-centric business world, it is crucial that a company’s conference room technology encourages collaboration among meeting participants both local and remote. To create the ideal collaborative environment, AMX has defined a range of Standard Room Solutions that correspond to the most common meeting spaces in corporate campuses today



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Amx Nmx Wp N2410 Front Right High Angle Medium

Nmx Prs N7142 Front High Medium
Extend the Beauty of 4K over the Network

4K provides four times the resolution of 1080p full HD for breathtaking detail and image quality. Our N2400 4K60 4:4:4 encoders and decoders support streaming video resolutions up to 4096×2160 and support HDCP 2.2; all with latency so low it supports extremely sensitive applications like live action events and interactive presentations using a keyboard and mouse

SVSI Windowing Processors

SVSI Windowing Processors combine multiple video feeds from the network into a single video output. Inputs can be combined in a variety of preset configurations or with any user-defined configuration, and then streamed out to one or more SVSI decoders anywhere on the network. Windowing Processors are available for use with either N2000 Series or N3000 Series video over IP solutions

All-in-One Presentation Switcher with Networked AV

The N7142 is the first presentation switcher to incorporate low-latency Networked AV video distribution. It has six local inputs, two outputs, and two available slots for any of our new and existing networked AV cards to support the best codec for the application.




Digital Media Switchers


The AMX Enova® DGX 100 Series Digital Media Switchers allow you to take video from a large number of sources and distribute them to displays across a building or campus. With a variety of transport options and support for resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4, the DGX Switcher’s swappable cards let you mix and match for your exact requirements, and then upgrade your system as those requirements change. The DGX switchers also come with a built-in control processor for integrated device control with industry-leading security features.  



The AMX Enova® DGX 100 Series Digital Media Switchers are a Centralized AV platform. Centralized AV provides a dedicated infrastructure to connect, switch and distribute multiple audio and video sources to multiple destinations throughout a room, building or campus. Secure control and management of the sources, destinations and switchers is available on the network.



Dgx800 Enc Front Straight Medium

Amx Enova Dgx I Hdmi 4k60 Left 2048px Medium


Dxf Tx Mmd Rear Medium
 Enova DGX 100 Series is a Digital Media Switcher that is ready to support 4K Enova DGX Boards DXLink Fiber Transmitters



Presentation Switchers


AMX by HARMAN offers a range of presentation switchers to fit the needs of any presentation space. The VPX Series and Incite both offer powerful switching, distance transport, and scaling supporting 4K60 4:4:4; while Incite adds advanced windowing, live production style video transitions, and models that are equipped with integrated DriveCore amplification, central control, and more.


The Enova DVX is a powerful presentation switcher and centralized controller combined or applications that require multiple outputs and room management. The SVSI N7142 is a presentation switcher equipped with two integrated networked AV slots and a gigabit Ethernet switch.





Amx Vpx 1401 Front Medium


Nmx Prs N7142 Front High Vert Medium


Dvx 3256hd Sp Front Medium


Cc 3.5st5 Rca2f Medium

VPX Series Presentation Switchers

VPX-1401, VPX-1701

SVSI Networked AV Presentation Switchers


Enova DVX Presentation Switchers

The Enova® DVX All-In-One Presentation Switcher

Enova DVX Accessories



Collaboration Systems





Amx Acr 5100 Front High Vert Medium


Acv 5100gr Front Small

Acb 2107 Small


Acendo Core Meeting Space Collaboration System


Acendo Vibe Conferencing Sound Bar with Camera


7” Acendo Book Scheduling Touch Panel



Architectural Connectivity

Pull to deploy, press a button to retract, AMX retractable cables feature industry leading reliability, compact under table size, and the most diverse choices.



Hpx Msp 7 Bl Small


Hpx Msp 10 Bl Small


Hpx 900 Straighton Open Small Hpx 1200 Straighton Open Small


8 Module Connection Port with 7″ Panel



10 Module Connection Port with 10.1″ Panel



9 Module Connection Port



12 Module Connection Port

Your AMX Solutions Advisor can help identify the right Room Solutions for your specific needs and prepare a detailed Proposal providing everything you need to make an informed purchase decision. For more info you can visit AMX We can integrate more products like Smart and Hello to have a Complete solution Interactive Experience in Dubai.

To learn more about how to equip your conference rooms with the right mix of AV equipment, Talk to a AMX Expert  Call Us at 04-3880449 or Email us at info@techmindme.com