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Words alone in any communication are not enough, hence, the need to have high-quality AV systems in place. As more than 93% of communication is non-verbal, this means that written down words are never enough to convey a message. Thus, those words need to be spoken out loud and clear for the message to be delivered to the audience. AV consists of audios and visuals, and this can be further broken down into sound, visuals, and lighting.


Av Visuals

Interactive Collaboration 

Interactive technology solutions provider for smart thinking and interaction in Dubai. Broad-spectrum of solutions based on touch and voice available. Interactive smart learning and collaborations. We are providing a broad spectrum of interactive technology solutions based on touch and voice. As the world revolves around technology, so are we. We know the importance of staying on top of the game and thus, we are bringing you smart interactive solutions. Nowadays people like convenient solutions that can retain their ROI. With that, we have various interactive technologies that await you.

Background Music

PA System and Background Music

A PA system as it is popularly known is an electronic system that consists of amplifiers, loudspeakers, mics, etc. with some associated equipment. A PA increases the loudness of a human voice or anything that produces vocals. A public system is used in venues where there are many people attending an event, function, or school. The purpose of a PA system is to make an announcer more audible by the people attending the event. PA systems are mostly used in places such as the stadium, church auditoriums, weddings, schools, etc. It consists of several mics or other sound sources. We have experts who can assist you in setting up your PA system and background music for your offices, conference centers, wedding venues, auditoriums, among other places.

AV Switching Control

AV Switching Controls and Integration

To hold the Perfect Meeting requires the perfect meeting space. In our information-centric business world, it is crucial that a company’s conference room technology encourages collaboration among meeting participants both local and remote. To create the ideal collaborative environment, AMX has defined a range of Standard Room Solutions that correspond to the most common meeting spaces in corporate campuses today. Techmind Solutions is a  Premium Partner for AMX  working with Clients to meet their Meeting Room and Boardroom requirements providing with best of solutions.

Austere Cables

Austere UHD Cables

Austere cables are highly plated silver conductors with a bandwidth of 48Gbps and can carry resolutions up to 10K and 8K60, 4K120 frame rates. They operate at a maximum of 8K specs and procedures to improve the performance of your organization’s investment. The HDMI eARC innovation is the fresh technology that we have for you. This technology allows the upstream and downstream of signals over one HDMI cable connection between the television and any of your eARC-equipped device. The cables are made from the most innovative technologies that give you the best experience. Ideal for High Definition (HD) displays and the devices that connect to them, which include Apple TV or Roku and gaming devices, such as PS5/PS4 and Xbox. Never let any sub-standard affect your viewing. Our cables come in different sizing and shape. They are all suitable for your events. Contact us for your order of the UHD cables today.

Revolab Speaker

Revolabs Wireless Microphone

Revolabs uses an advanced technology known as DECT technology which is 1.9 GHz. This technology has high bandwidth audio from various wireless microphones. This enables crystal clear, reliable, un-tethered communications in different scenarios. Situations such as recording, audio/video conferencing, speech recognition, VOIP communications, and sound re-enforcement environments. This can include other environments that require clear audio capture well. If you are one of those who prioritize quality over quantity, then Revolabs is for you

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