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AutoCAD is software for construction design. It was developed by Autodesk company. The majority of architects know how to use it. If you find yourself clueless about this software, then it’s not for you. An AutoCAD is for construction designs. Just like Adobe Create Suite is for graphics and 3D, so is AutoCAD. Both software is for designs. However, the main difference is where the designs are used. The majority of construction companies use AutoCAD for their precise drawings and task automation. Thus, if you are looking for AutoCAD design software in Dubai, look no further than Techmind Solutions. We specialize in IT Solutions including hardware, software, licensing, and many more.


What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD® is software designed by Autodesk. AutoCAD is computer-aided design (CAD) software that empowers architects, engineers, and construction professionals to create precise drawings. The software allows automation of designs for bigger projects, thus, makes it easier to handle and monitor them. So, with AutoCAD, you can:

  • Draft, annotate, and design 2D geometry and 3D models with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects. If you don’t have knowledge about this software, then we encourage you to look for a training institute so that you learn how to use it. At Techmind Solutions, we provide you with AutoCAD design software licensing in Dubai, UAE

  • Automate tasks like comparing drawings, counting objects, adding blocks, creating schedules, and more

  • Customize your workspace with add-on apps and APIs

Why buy AutoCAD Design Software?

Autodesk has different packages depending on your budget. You can decide to subscribe for a minimum of 3 years and save lots of money. However, there are also monthly and yearly licenses for AutoCAD.  In addition, Autodesk software is very flexible.  A business can decide to purchase pay as you go with flex for occasional product use. There are some products which you don’t use often. Thus, subscribing for a month will be expensive. Hence, Autodesk has pay-as-you-go packages. While enjoying these benefits, enjoy 30-day money-back
Autodesk Software

The Future of Designs is Human

Climate change is now the big issue that all companies are trying to address. Autodesk is taking heed of climate change as well. The design of AutoCAD saw changes from greener buildings to smarter products to mesmerizing blockbusters. Autodesk software assists customers to design and make a better world for all. This is achievable by empowering innovators with software designs that allow technology to achieve the new possible.

Do you want AutoCAD licensing?

Well, AutoCAD has different packages and payment is done depending on your budget. You can pay for 3 years, a month or a year. All is dependent on you. Therefore, if you are looking for the license and don’t have an idea of where to get it, let us know using this form. Our team of experts will be in touch.

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