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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the way we operate our businesses has changed. It’s very crucial to have a meeting solution that is able to cater to all the attendees. At Techmind Solutions, we have all the expertise it takes to set up the audiovisual solutions at your company. Our team of experts is ready to listen to your business needs and recommend the best solution according to your business goals. Thus, Techmind Solutions provides the best high-quality communication, audio, and presentation solutions. Our AV conference systems are the best in Dubai, UAE. We strive to give our customers solutions that bring them close to work and loved ones.

Av Conference Room Equipment (1)

AV Conference Room Equipment

Words alone in any communication are not enough, hence, the need to have high-quality AV systems in place. As more than 93% of communication is non-verbal, this means that written down words are never enough to convey a message. Thus, those words need to be spoken out loud and clear for the message to be delivered to the audience. AV consists of audios and visuals, and this can be further broken down into sound, visuals, and lighting.

When we are talking about sound from AV, we insinuate that speakers ought to project voice clearly despite the audience size. A speaker should be heard no matter how big or small the attendees’ group is.  At times, it’s not mandatory or necessary to have an AV system for a small workshop space. However, a keynote speaker will require an AV system during the Q&A session. We provide static desk mics to be used by the keynote speaker as handheld mics are for Q&A. This will give the speaker the flexibility to move around the stage during presentations.

Av Conferencing System

AV Conferencing System in Dubai

For large auditoriums, there is a possibility of a hearing loop if the sound is poor. This tends to be the case with large conference centers. Thus, there is a need to have digital infrared sound speakers that do not distort the sound or powerful speakers that can be heard from all the cardinals of the office. Techmind Solutions’ job is to offer you the best solutions to these challenges.

Our experts’ will set up speakers that are balanced for the layout of the room and the size of the audience. We recommend and advise that the audience experience should be excellent wherever they will be seated. Our AV conference systems give everyone the same sound and voice no matter where one is seated. Similarly, to those who love sitting at the front near the speaker, we optimize our systems such that everyone in the meeting room is enjoying the meeting without too much noise. It’s not so much about volume as filling the space with sound. When we talk about AV, we are talking about sound as well. Apart from visuals and audio, there is lighting and sound as well. These days it’s crucial to have a light in the conference room as it completely transforms the atmosphere and surroundings. Just like video conference solutions, AV is supposed to be clear, clean, and audible to everyone in the meeting.

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AV Configuration

AV Integration

Av Configuration

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As live streaming sessions are becoming more popular, we know the importance of having sound, visual and audio systems. We have experience in AV integration with light controlling solutions and AV visuals configurations. Visuals go beyond the images we see during presentations. So, it’s important to have proper AV conferencing systems in place to avoid embarrassment. Not only do we help you with the AV configuration but also with setup for any other screens that might be needed in your auditorium. We specialize in digital signages and smart and interactive screens. Techmind also specializes in light control systems under the internet of things (IoT) and video wall solutions. We work with leading brands such as Polycom, AMX, Smart, etc.

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