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Barco Clickshare Dubai |Video Conference

The new normal is working from home. With the world trembling due to covid19, all business that wants to stay in the game should adapt to working from home. Techmind Solutions is a leading IT service company that provides Barco Clickshare in Dubai solutions for meeting rooms and board rooms. As working from home is becoming increasingly popular, Barco Clickshare makes it very easier for your team to share data and participate in online meetings and discussions. Through the Barco click share wireless presentation system, participants get to connect without changing sitting positions.

Therefore, connect with a single click without the hustle of using cables,  use a smart connection from the Barco Clickshare system. Techmind Solutions can assist you with video conference solutions which include Barco Clickshare Dubai, Polycom Video Conference, Logitech video conference solutions. In addition, we can integrate the video conference to a remote workspace solution you are using.

Barco Clickshare Video Conference

Change your meeting space with a click from Barco Clickshare Dubai. Techmind Solutions provides unsurpassed video conference solutions in Dubai and across UAE. As the leading Barco Click share supplier in Dubai, we are committed to providing you with the best solution that suits your business needs. Techmind Solutions also offers other several meeting room solutions. With Barco, there is no need to stress as you are able to connect a laptop or mobile device wirelessly. Therefore, our solutions can be highly integrated to give you the best solutions. With our remote workspace solutions, Konfel Camera, and Firewall solutions, your meeting solutions become complete. Thus, the implementation of a Barco Clickshare solution is very affordable in Dubai and anywhere in the world.

There has been an increasing need to conduct meetings on the go, freely and anywhere. This is because the times that we are in have continually been changing. The coming of the Barco Click share video conference tool changed the meeting space. Therefore, as the leading and best Barco click share video conference company in Dubai, we guarantee you the best from the Barco series video conference tool. As more people are now able to conduct video conferences using their mobile devices at any time of the day, the Barco click share cx-200 series allows wireless and distant video conferencing.  

Barco clickshare

Barco Clickshare Solutions | Remote Workspaces

This reduces lag time and improves connectivity at workplaces. The virtual meeting becomes amazing when they allow people to interact naturally using any device. This means that there is a need to have AV systems that deliver crystal clear communication. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, people’s lives have been changed one way or the other. Most people have been meeting virtually. These virtual meetings are here to stay as the new normal takes the world by storm. However, due to remote workspaces that are aiding the virtual meetings, employees are able to stay connected. Therefore, with this, there is a need to invest in modern and game-changer video conference solutions.

Hence, the Barco click share comes with all the technologies required to have the finest meeting experience. Remote work offices are the way to go in this troubled world. So, Barco makes everything easier. People share screens and connect to the output devices without the need to change sitting positions. Barco makes remote workspaces easier and enjoyable.

Barco Meeting Room

Barco Clickshare Conference Rooms

Companies ought to invest in meeting technology as covid19 changed the way businesses operate. Employees are now comfortable e-meeting using their own devices. Barco click share brings the conference room that allows wireless connectivity in a few seconds. There are various click share models that can be used from Barco. From Barco click share cx-20, cx-50, CSE-200, CSE-800, etc. The Barco click share cx-20 is essential for small meeting rooms. Cx-20 turns a clumpy meeting room into an inspiring collaboration space.

Meeting rooms can be converted into seamless conference facilities with the Barco click share cx-30 series. Again, Barco offers premium solutions. A wireless free connection is a way to go now. Barco converts huddle meeting room places into smart and simpler places to be.

Why Barco Clickshare systems?

It offers a wireless presentation system that tries to decongest clumpy meeting spaces. Again, it allows the sharing of content using a wireless connection. Therefore, there is no need for cables as people are connected wirelessly. All meeting sizes ranging from small, medium to enterprise businesses are able to use stand-alone wireless presenters. Barco Clickshare offers you fewer hustles as there are no cables needed to connect to the video conference meeting. Connection happens with a click and people are able to see each other clearly from any angle.

Barco Clickshare Cse 200 Removebg Preview

Barco Clickshare CSE-200 


Clickshare wireless system

Barco Clickshare Tray and button

Clickshare Tray & button

Barco Hybrid Meeting

Are people still interested in online meetings?? Well, no one is really sure as experience differs. However, there shall time a time when people opt to return to physical meetings. Although the rate of return might be less, people ought to be prepared to use their meeting rooms post-covid. In a survey conducted on the flexibility of carrying a meeting online vs in the meeting room. The majority of people indicated that it’s a hustle to connect meetings in different offices with different settings. Barco Hybrid Meeting came to an end with some of the challenges indicated. Although hybrid workplace poses some challenges especially where the person connecting is not tech-savvy.

However, businesses ought to identify a balance and adapt to the workplace’s new hybrid requirements. Most of these hybrid meetings shall continue to take place in meeting rooms. But, unfortunately, most boardrooms are not furnished with hybrid meeting setups yet. Employees face problems in connecting to AV hardware such as cameras, mics, speakers, and displays due to the challenges of not knowing the correct cable.

Barco ClickShare CS-100 Video Conferencing

Sharing content and data from a phone to a laptop is not a luxury thing to do. However, it is a necessity. Therefore, Barco Clickshare CS-100 gives the Clickshare exposure to small and huddle room meetings. Barco allows participants to connect instantly and share their data or content right away without any need for prior knowledge. Barco Clickshare CS-100 is a detached model with an HDMI output. This output offers the flexibility of up to 8 participants to connect, while only one person shares content at a time.


Barco Clickshare CX-20

Barco ClickShare CX-20 Dubai

They are a lot of models from Barco. In an endeavor to make meetings more flexibly and rich, Barco introduced quite a number of series. There is a continuous need in sharing your views whilst in the room and link to a USB camera, mic, and speaker for easy meeting conferencing. Thus, Barco Clickshare CX-20 makes it easier. It integrates with the current meeting room solutions and offers the addition of the new tech effortlessly. Barco Clickshare App and Clickshare conferencing button work hand in hand. They offer a rich, and seamless experience. The Barco conferencing button allows you to effortlessly connect to cameras, AV USB, and soundbars within seconds. Similarly, the Barco App connects to the meeting room with ease and delivers screen sharing which includes a host of advanced features. This Barco App works across all devices from Android, iOS, and desktop machines.

Any device, Any location, Any software – All by a click from Barco Click share. Do you want to know more about our services?

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