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In this era that we are in, it is critical that an organization’s data is accessible 24/7 throughout the year. There are a lot of hindrances to continuous data protection due to cyber-attacks and natural hazards. Therefore, Zerto tries its best to make sure that data recovery is done with ease and minimal loss. This storage allows organizations to recover their data with minimum recovery point objectives (RPO) and fastest recovery time objectives (RTO). This ultimately minimizes both data loss and downtime.

Double Take Replication

Carbonite Double-Take Availability

Carbonite Availability was previously known as the Double-Take replication server. It makes sure that there is minimal to no data loss. Carbonite Availability enables the copying of data from the source to the target destination. Therefore, Double-Take replicates a source server image known as the production server to a server known as the target server. A copy of the data is replicated in several directions. Replication takes place from a physical server to a physical server, or virtual to a physical server.


Never Fail Replication

Neverfail provides Workspaces in a self-managed, secure cloud, VDI, and remote desktop services (RDS)  that can be utilized to provision Windows-type Virtual Machines in minutes and quickly scale to provide thousands of desktops and applications to workers across the globe. As lots of companies have adopted the work from the home norm, it is critical to have a failover plan in case of an unforeseen event that can happen untimely.

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As many businesses are working from home, more and more cyberattacks have been on the rise. Employees’ peace of mind when working from home is important as it affects the organization’s productivity. Zerto and Neverfail deliver workspace services that guarantee your employee productivity through continuous connection. Get in touch with us for disaster recovery solutions today! Call us at 04-3889449 or email us at info@techmindme.com