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Mailstore Server

Mailstore Server

It is the leading email archiving solution for small and medium-sized businesses with versions above 10. Mailstore server is heavily field-tested and it offers highly integrated storage technology and doesn’t require an external database such as SQL Server. This server supports almost all relevant email systems giving a flexible archiving solution. The server can be installed right out of the box within a few minutes. It offers a low purchasing price which makes this email server attractive for small companies as well.

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Veritas Enterprise Vault

While other companies swim in turmoil when their emails got missing, others are at peace knowing that Veritas takes care of the emails. Employees may accidentally delete emails that are crucial. So, with the use of Veritas, emails are archived before they reach the user mailbox. Email communications will remain as the primary and official way of communication between businesses and clients. Thus, there is a need to have a robust email archiving solution in place.  This email server comes with cloud solutions as well. This Enterprise Vault is an email archiving solution that works with Microsoft O365.

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