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Environment Monitoring System, Dubai.

The data center is the most critical part of any business’s infrastructure. It should be well monitored for any changes in temperatures and humidity. Thus, there is a great need to know your data center temperatures. Don’t take chances with your company infrastructure. Various systems can be used to monitor the server temperatures. Techmind Solution is among the leading companies that offer environment monitoring systems in Dubai. With more than 20 years of experience in Datacenter Management, we guarantee you the best monitoring service. Datacenter check and control factors such as temperature, power, humidity, and airflow. It’s very critical to make sure that servers are safe.

Datacenter Monitoring

Server Room Environmental Monitoring

A lot of threats can happen when we least expect them. Thus, threats that take place in your server room can cause huge damage to problems caused by the hardware and software. All the infrastructure in the server room will be destroyed if the temperatures rise beyond the normal server room temperature. Therefore, temperature proof makes sure that servers and other infrastructure are protected from smoke, leakages, and accidental fires. So, it is always advisable that there are temperature sensors in case of any anomaly. As the leading IT Solutions provider in Dubai, we are here to make your journey easier and memorable. Partner with us for the best IT Support services and systems installations, monitoring and support.

Datacenter Environmental Monitoring Systems

Any motion in any sensitive data centers is of concern. So, Techmind Solutions has the solution for the vibrations that might be transpiring in your server rooms. Data centers can have vibration sensors that can be installed to detect motion and movement. The purposes of the sensors are to report any anomaly triggered by any of the factors such as smoke, temperature, leakages among others. In addition, vibration sensors are configured to detect unauthorized access into the data center room. Likewise, server room temperatures are monitored using various tools and systems. AVTECH, Sensaphone, and ITWatchDogs are some of the tools used to monitor temperature and humidity in server rooms.

Datacenter Monitoring

Network Environmental Monitoring Solution

Environmental monitoring systems are trusted in many industries across the world. This is because fire or accidents are inevitable. So, we offer services in all aspects of life where temperature control is of paramount importance. From warehousing, cold storage, residential, and commercial real estate. Thus, considering the rate of fire breakouts that are happening in Dubai, it’s critical that your business or residential house has this system implemented. It is easier to access the data center remotely and check the temperature using the environmental monitoring system. So, there is no need to hustle to check your data center temperatures.


Why environmental monitoring solutions?

  • Need for computer room humidity logging
  • Server room alerts
  • Recording network issues
  • Datacenter temperature monitoring

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