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Convenient HELLO Messenger for Video Conferencing in Dubai- Techmind Solutions. Cost-Effective video conference solutions readily available anytime. Bring the video conferencing to mass rooms.

Hello Messenger

Flawless Home Automation with HELLO2 Messenger

With remarkably enhanced hardware and software, HELLO2 provides increased life to your TV, converting it into a gadget that can be used for high-quality audio and video calls with friends, family, and colleagues. Therefore, with HELLO2 messenger, you can utilize the TV for:
– Flawless home automation,
Wireless screen casting,
– Live streaming,
– Screen sharing
Digital whiteboarding.

No special hardware or software is required for Video Conferencing with HELLO2 Messenger

Before getting into a project, all businesses need a cost-benefit analysis. Thus, Hello messenger brings a lot of benefits than demerits. It is a powerful new End-to-End encrypted video conferencing and gaming communication suite that endows you to greatness in meeting collaborations. Since HELLO2 Messenger is an All-in-One, there is no need to have a laptop for the video conferencing. It allows messaging, video calling has a digital whiteboard and allows you to collaborate with the people that matter to remain dynamic and productive on any device during the meeting. Thus, HELLO2 Messenger offers maximum security to all your communications. Techmind Solutions offer HELLO2 Messenger solutions in Dubai. It is one of the best and leading solutions provider for the HELLO Messenger tool. Video collaborations have to be a life-changing experience. Video conferencing solutions have been on the rise due to the covid-19 pandemic that has hit the globe. 

Integrated Apps for game streaming and video conferencing

HELLO, Messenger allows integration with any application and requires no special hardware and software. With Alexa Voice Assistant, HELLO 2 also has Google Home integrated, giving users more options to choose from, and pick the voice assistant they are more comfortable with.

HELLO Messenger is a new End-to-End encrypted communication platform that empowers you to have encrypted conversations.


HELLO2, Messenger lets you send unlimited messages and make unlimited audio and video calls with your friends, family, and anyone else worldwide for free. In addition, it can be integrated on any application Skype, Zoom, Webex,  Microsoft Teams, Messenger, and much more.


HELLO2 Messenger does not require any special gadgets nor software for installation.

HELLO2, Messenger thwarts any third parties from intruding in the conversation of your messages, audio/video calls, photos, files, and much more — offering the ultimate security needed via end-to-end encryption.


It offers an interactive mode and makes your workforce stay alive during the duration of the meeting. Thus, Hello Messenger is among the best video conference solutions for all businesses. With the introduction of Hello 2, the benefits are endless. Video conference solutions allow you to transform any space into a meeting. Therefore, Hello messenger converts your meeting into a collaborative space for fruitful meetings. Apart from HELLO messenger, there are also other solutions such as Barco Clickshare that has increasingly being used. There are also some video conference solutions for large meeting rooms such as Polycom and Logitech solutions.

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