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HikVision Dubai

Dubai’s biggest distributor of HikVision CCTV Camera Solutions. Leading HikVision DVR installer and HikVision connect. HikVision has recently launched a contactless face detection that uses deep learning algorithms to improve accuracy close to 99%. The HikVision Camera allows for transparent video recordings and third-party integrations to give rich information. Due to its increased security and accuracy, HikVision contactless face detection makes it easier for time access and access control security. Companies can utilize smart contactless face detection from HikVision. 

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HikVision Camera

Techmind Solutions is among the leading list of HikVision CCTV distributors in Dubai. As the biggest distributor in Dubai, we make sure we deliver the best services as promised. Video surveillance security has become the most wanted thing nowadays. HikVision as the leading brand in CCTV camera solutions provides a variety of current services. With HikVisio CCTV Camera comes night mode, digital recording, and remote viewing from the phone, iPad, tablet, and any other gadget.

Facetime Recognition with HikVision CCTV Camera

Hikvision manufactured top-quality IP solution cameras for security and network recorders. These IP security cameras are easy to use and install. Hikvision is the world’s most rated manufacturer of quality security cameras. It comes with Power Over Ethernet (POE) network video recorder. So, at Techmind Solutions, we make sure we deliver our promises. We do Hikvision support, Hikvision CCTV maintenance, Hikvision CCTV installation, and Hikvision CCTV camera configuration.

Contactless Smart Face Detection

Security is key to any business and hence, there is a need to have measures in place. With increased crime rates came the need to improve access control. Thus, authorized access began a long way ago from traditional ways of using keys, access cards, pin codes. Because crime rates are increasing so is the need to advance in security measures. The evolution of technology saw the coming of biometric recognition in the use of fingerprints, retina, and face recognition. The introduction of face recognition in Access control and time attendance brought amazing discoveries and this became inevitable. Humongous merits were born from this technology.

Hikvison Camera

Due to Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning technology, Hikvision utilizes this technology for face recognition. With biometric recognition, security is guaranteed as no one will ever borrow his body part from anyone or forget the body part anyway. Thus, this technology became advantageous to Hikvision CCTV. The technology works in a light intensity environment and uses dual senses for anti-spoofing.

Hikvison Contactless Face Detection

Hikvision Contactless Face Detection

Hikvision recently launched a contactless face detection camera to help businesses leverage technology. With the spiral of Covid-19 cases across the globe, it is mandatory to upsurge the utilization of contactless solutions. The Hikvision Camera,  Min Moe Face Recognition terminal guarantees security to small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises. It uses deep learning, an Artificial Intelligence technology that brings accuracy close to 99%. HikVision Camera has a visible light lens and an infrared lens – all for anti-spoofing and fraud prevention. We are the leading distributor of HikVision Contactless Face Detection in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

We Recommend Hikvision because of:

  • Deep Learning Technology
  • IP Cameras
  • POE Network Video Recorder
  • Easy to Configure
  • Easy to Install and use

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