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We are the largest business telephony system solutions provider in Dubai, UAE. For business IP PBX phone system. Order your phone today and don’t let your customers wait. Leading IP PABX system dealer in UAE. Affordable prices and delivery anywhere in UAE.

For all your PABX/ PBX Systems, IP PBX Office telephones in Dubai, PBAX installations, VoIP telephones, IP PBX maintenance in Dubai. Leading companies know the importance of a good phone system. Communication was and remains key in our everyday business. With the use of Panasonic, Avaya, Alcatel, etc phones, it is easier to remain in touch with your customers. As Techmind Solutions, not only do we provide leading IT solutions, but we have IP PBX phone solutions that suit your business. Buy your IP phone today and enjoy endless benefits from our PBX phone system solution. As the best IT Company in Dubai, we guarantee our customers smooth services. IP PBX reduces organizational costs.

We know the importance of cost reduction whilst increasing ROI. Therefore, if you are looking for the above-mentioned things, get in touch with Techmind Solutions and order your phone system today. We provide PABX phone installation in Dubai and across the UAE. We specialize in different PABX brands from Panasonic, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, etc. 

PABX Phone Systems | IP PBX systems in Dubai.

What is the PBX telephone system?

PABX is short for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. Techmind Solutions specializes in a wide range of IT Solutions and services including telephone system solutions. We are experienced in VoIP and PABX telephone solutions for every business in Dubai. From residential to commercial telephone systems.

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Why IP PBX system?

If you are looking for a telephone automated solution, then you are on the right track with PABX systems from Techmind Solutions. There are countless opportunities for the use of PBX phones. It brings a lot of integrated solutions that are of benefit to the business. We all know that it’s very difficult to run a business with ancient telephone systems. So, we are bringing you modern-day phone systems to your business that allows all the departments to linked.

It’s very difficult to operate a business without proper communication. Thus, every business requires interaction and hence, the need to have a proper system in place. Techmind Solutions is your best partner in PABX/IP PBX system solutions. Our PABX telephony solutions involve a range of activities. We do PABX installation in Dubai, maintenance,  office telephone systems in Dubai, UAE. We work with a lot of companies. Techmind provides a PABX system for small business, medium business, PABX for hotels, and PABX for every business in Dubai. We are among the telephone companies in Dubai that offer PABX solutions to all businesses.

We deliver telephony solutions to any business of any size in Dubai. Our solutions carters to IP phone solutions, digital phones, and wireless phoning systems. Due to the evolution of technology, it is necessary for a company to adopt the IP telephone system. An IP PBX phone comes with a variety of capabilities such as audio, video conferencing, voice, and data among other things. All these bring seamless communication to your business. We can integrate the call attendance for your convenience as well. Do not let your customer left unattended when you are busy. Get our PABX system/PBX phone system today and start dialing.

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Cost-effective telephony system for all businesses.

One of the best reasons to adopt a PABX is that it lowers your telephone bill. I know everyone wants to hear about cost maintenance.

IP PBX Solutions, Dubai

Our telephony system comes with a lot of integrated solutions. Solutions ranging from unified messaging, auto call attendance, IVR and call conferencing. This solution is cost-effective as it brings a lot of benefits. Since, its VoIP, it means reduced costs. We understand the need for convenience in your business. It is interesting to have solutions that can make your life easier.

With IP PBX systems, it’s easier to manage your phone system. PABX system solutions allow you to manage the costs of your system. It is now easier to track all phone calls with our solutions. Again, we can configure pin codes that can be used by your employees for accountability purposes. We also strive to bring the best experience to your customers through the video, audio, and conference features of the PABX system.

Who are our IP PABX partners?

To bring the best and world-class telephony to your business, we have partnered with the world leaders in the telephony industry. Our partnership brings you solutions in:

What’s our promise to customers?

Through our experienced and dedicated team, we are here to make your telephone system integrated into one. Also, Techmind Solutions as the best among the list of companies in PABX solutions guarantees you:

  • PABX installation
  • PBX support and maintenance
  • PABX user training
  • Experienced PABX installers

Are you looking for PABX for a small office PBX, PABX for hotels, PABX for schools, PABX for private business, PABX for a small office? Techmind Solutions is the best partner for you – an IP PBX distributor and supplier in Dubai, UAE.

Find out more of our services here and for further queries, do let us know.

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