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 IT Support Services and AMC Contract in Dubai.

Maintain your IT infrastructure 24/7 with our IT Support & Services.

What’s In It For You?¬†

Y1 Techmind Solutions has the most affordable  IT Support Services in Dubai and across UAE. As the best and leading IT Support company in Dubai, We Maintain your IT infrastructure 24/7 using our IT Support services including maintaining your desktops, servers, mobile device issues, and manage other endpoints for you. We have experienced desktop support engineers and an IT Support team that is ready to give you unsurpassed services. As the leader in IT services in Dubai, it is our joy to be available to make sure your desktop, servers, computers, systems, and any other IT needs are met. Because of that, we have all IT Solutions for small businesses, medium and large. Techmind Solutions offers AMC IT Support in Dubai on flexible SLA and TCs. From monthly to annual contract is available.
2 (1) Putting the Best process for alerting integrated ticketing, automated recommendations, remote control scripting, patch management antivirus software, and reporting.
1 (1) (1) And dealing with an internet service provider, telephone system vendor, mobile communications provider, server/workstation warranty provider, etc. on your behalf.
2 (1) At last starter package and on-boarding program which includes a set of software, services, training program. Get your IT solutions from the best IT services company in Dubai, Techmind Solutions.

Techmind Solutions is 24\7 Available with Rapid Response on Live Chat and Phone Support. We have a decade of years of experience. IT Support and IT Outsourcing Made Easy through our services! From monthly and yearly IT AMC Subscriptions. We are not only concentrated in Dubai, but we offer full UAE Coverage and IT Remote Support.

       Why Us

We run 100 + Companies IT Department 24/7 

They save on cost Big Time


 IT Support Dubai | IT Services

Desktop Management

7 (1) Copy

Maintain desktops, servers, mobile devices.

Managed Email

3 (2) Copy

Create, Manage and Remove mailboxes

Server Management

6 Copy

Servers & Network Attached Storage

Network Management

5 Copy

Router & Switch mgmt
VPN & Firewall administration

Peripheral Devices

4 (1) Copy

Printers, scanners, faxes, MFP and UPS

Vendor Management

2 (1)

Vendors Managed On Your Behalf

Staff Augmentation

1 (1) (1)

Onsite Staffing, Shared Service Center

Flexible Contract


Flexible Monthly, Quarterly Payments . Cancel Anytime


Our Promise To You

Above all and Most Important is Honesty and Respect for everyone which will create a long-term relationship.

Confidentiality and Data Protection above anything else which is why we are able to retain our customers for so long.

The right Matching of Resources skill set, knowledge, and experience will create a positive effect on overall business requirements.

In addition to the efficient resolution of issues and Effective monitoring of systems around the clock, 365 days a year of IT Support Services.

Fixed Prices as there are no surprises you know exactly how many systems have been handed to us for Maintenance and Monitoring. So No Matter how many tickets have been issued and resolved the cost remains the same.

IT Support Services in Dubai

IT Support Services in Dubai | AMC Contract

IT makes the backbone of every company, be it small or large. Without it, there is no business. All companies need to have the best IT Support services for them to deliver the utmost service to their customers. However, there are a few companies that don’t believe in IT. So, if you think of having an exceptional service, look no further than Techmind Solutions. Our IT support services have proved to be the best. This can be attested to by those whom we serve. With an IT department full of experienced and qualified IT Engineers, we are here for you.

We provide IT infrastructure support, backup solutions, data center maintenance, HP Servers support, networking management. You don’t need to worry about anything as we will handle everything for you. As your competitors are busy strategizing, so should you. We know the importance of internal operations, and we want you to build your business firmly with our IT Support services. Techmind Solutions has more than a decade of excellent IT Support services in Dubai, UAE. We provide IT support and AMC Contract Maintenance as per your organizational needs. We are available 24/7 throughout the calendar year.

IT AMC Support Dubai

AMC IT Support Contract Dubai

With more than 500+ customers in Dubai, we have managed to offer excellent services. Techmind Solutions is the leading provider of IT Support and Annual Maintenance Contract in the country. We support small to larger companies. And our customers have continuously managed to grow due to the peace of mind they get from our support. Having an IT department is a strenuous responsibility especially when there is no expertise. But with our experience and reference in the market, we are delighted to be your next partner in IT Support and AMC contract services.

Thus, accelerate Your IT & Workforce Transformations With Expert IT Support Services for HP Servers, Acronis Backup, Citric Workspace, Dell PCs w/ Intel. Our team has undisputed knowledge of IT. Get complete business IT Support Services from IT infrastructure experts for Dell and HP Devices.

Delivering 24×7 proactive system care that your networks demand 365 days.


Advantages of getting AMC IT Support Contract from Us.

You will get the best of both sides, expert handling of your network by specialists, as well as excellent savings in your IT management costs, plus free IT infrastructure consulting whenever required. So, Techmind AMC Contract offers to lower the costs with our expertise, experience, and service capabilities to manage, monitor, and maintain your IT infrastructure 24/7. Techmind Solutions is one of the leaders of AMC IT Support in Dubai. We offer networking support services as well and IT Support in all your hardware and software.

We gather more experience and hone a wide range of skills due to the varied situations and requirements that are thrown at us on a daily basis. Therefore our process is super fine-tuned to ensure quick response support and super-fast identification and resolution of network issues and ensure system up times.

Our team is certified and has vast experience in IT infrastructure design and deployment in all scales of industry. So, You get IT Specialists who know their job perfectly and are constantly improving their qualifications to possess the most up-to-date knowledge and skills set in the industry. Techmind Solutions has engineers with more than 20 years of computer support and IT support experience

IT Support in Dubai Company based in Bur Dubai, Techmind Solutions are one of the leading providers of fully managed AMC IT Support in Dubai

Why choose Techmind Solutions for your, IT Support Services in Dubai?
  1. Guarantees you quality service.
  2. Experts in IT infrastructure and Support.
  3. Deliver service beyond your expectations with the agreed SLA.
  4. Right at your doorstep when you need us.
  5. Close to your business always.
  6. Deliver 24/7 IT Support 365 days a year.
  7. Remote IT Support
  8. Attend to critical and emergency issues within 60 to 90 minutes.

Do you have some burning issues concerning IT Services that we did not address? Let us know the other needs that you might have here. Remember Techmind Solutions is among the best IT companies in Dubai and offers exceptional IT support and is the leading system integrator in Dubai, UAE.

Some of the Key Products we support are in Dubai UAE.  We Support HP Servers and Switch, Veeam, Fortinet, Webroot, VMWare, and Smart

IT Support Services Near Me

We are a phone call away to help you with your IT needs. As highlighted previously, we prioritize our queries. But, we make sure that whatever we do doesn’t affect your daily operations. Our goal is to provide the best-unsurpassed service to your business. So, if you are looking for IT Support services near you, consider us for a call to discuss your needs.

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