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Hyper-Converged Technology

Hyper-converged infrastructure offers the highest speed to the organization. Techmind Solutions offers your business the internet speed it deserves.

Which Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Do we Offer?

  1. HP
  2. Lenovo
  3. Dell
  4. Nutanix

Why HCI?

  • Smaller, More Efficient IT Staff
  • Greater Gains Through Automation
  • Simplified Procurement and Support
  • Increased Data Protection
Edge Computing 

The reliance on the cloud at one of the many data centers has come to an end with edge computing. The cloud is not vanishing, instead, the cloud is coming to you. Techmind Solution is your trusted provider of edge computing solutions.

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Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

UPS is one of the critical technologies needed by any organization. The need to have uninterrupted power disruption is very crucial. Techmind Solutions provide UPS technologies for uninterrupted business experience.

Which brands do we specialize in?

  • Toshiba UPS Systems
  • Emerson/Leibert UPS Units
  • Eaton UPS
  • Mitsubishi UPS Units

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