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Focus on your internal business operations and leave all the IT support to us. As a company that values business proposition, we are here to provide you IT Support expertise that can help you increase your ROI. Therefore, we provide a wide range of IT support services in Dubai. We provide IT services that range from email configuration to hybrid and hyper-converged technologies. Having a 24/7 support structure makes us preferred IT support in the UAE. Our services have monthly or yearly rates and the choice is absolutely yours. Every business, no matter small or large is on our heart to support it with its information technology journey. So, if you are looking for the following solutions, then your search ends here.

IT Support Dubai

Having the best IT support services in your company allows you to handle and manage risks before they go out of hand. Some of the services require full-time experts who are knowledgeable in that specific subject. As the leading IT support company in Dubai, we offer unsurpassed services in various disciplines from networking, Artificial Intelligence, Disaster management, Servers, Audio Visuals, Interactive technologies among others. Therefore, our team of experts is available at your earliest convenience to give you 100% support. We pride ourselves on customer delight and quality, hence, we do not provide shoddy services. For that reason, we have penned down some of the IT support services that we offer.

  • Network installation, maintenance, and support
  • Server management
  • Email and user registration
  • DHCP and DNS management
  • Antivirus installation
  • Data backup and management
  • Software installation
  • Hardware maintenance
  • AMC and Managed services

Network Management Support Services

Among the IT support services that we offer in Dubai, is network management services. Are you looking for a company that can do network cabling, network setup, configuration, maintenance, and support? Then, look no further than Techmind Solutions. As a company with network engineers that have been into networking for close to two decades, we guarantee you superlative service. We can support you with the network setup for your new offices and troubleshooting for your existing network. From patch panel termination to laying LAN and WAN cables, all these experts are available. We have a great experience working with Cisco Routers and Switches. Router configuration and maintenance, VPN setup, and termination.  In addition to the network, we can install Wi-Fi solutions for you, maintain and provide 24/7 support for your business. The Wi-Fi range extenders that can boast your network strength is an available service that we offer as well.

Server Management Support Services

We work with a wide range of servers under our IT support services in Dubai. They range from HP servers, Dell, Lenovo among others. All server software installation and support services are available from Techmind Solutions. IT support services can be provided physically or remotely using remote software access tools. Thus, we manage the server infrastructure and administration of the processes using server management tools.

Software and Hardware Maintenance

For all software installations, licensing, and troubleshooting. Server software installation from Windows servers, Linux Centos installation, and Ubuntu software installations. We offer software upgrading from old versions to new versions for you as part of IT support services. Apart from software maintenance, we also have hardware maintenance. Hardware maintenance refers to repairs, installations, and hardware upgrades to meet the expected functionalities. RAM upgrades and hard drive replacement are among the hardware support offered. In case you need an extended warranty, we offer an HP warranty as well. So, under hardware maintenance, we deal with all hardware including the end-user hardware. From desktops, laptops, servers, etc. These services are supported under a 24/7 time frame. Additionally, our IT support service expands to HP Servers and storage as well. Apart from these services, we offer IT support to all project services that you might have.

IT Support Company in Dubai

Techmind Solutions is among the top IT support companies in Dubai. It offers the finest IT support service mostly to small and medium-sized businesses. However, we also serve any business in Dubai and across UAE. Thus, from the education sector, health, public and private, Techmind Solutions offers support services. With close to a decade of experience, we strive to serve the whole of the UAE. Our team of dedicated employees is available 24/7 to serve you.

Therefore, through our monthly and yearly IT support contracts in Dubai, we strive to cater to everyone. We are the cheapest IT support company in the Emirates. Network installation, maintenance, and support are done by our certified network engineers. Also, we help you with data migration from any device and platform. We know the need to have data consistency, and our experts promise you the finest migration process. Apart from offering local IT Support, we also offer remote support. Check out other countries where we offer  IT support.

Why Techmind Solutions?

  • 100% committed
  • 24/7 year-round support
  • Experienced professionals
  • one focus
  • Additional HP hardware Warranty

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