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High Definition Logitech Video Conferencing solutions in Dubai from Techmind Solutions. Make your conference meetings worthwhile with Logitech meetup.

A memorable event starts with an HD Logitech meetup conference camera. The dawn of IT saw a plethora of things transpiring across the globe. A superfluity of changes in the way people used to conduct meetings has been witnessed in this era. Thus, IT transformed the way we meet and collaborate with others. So, virtual meetings have replaced the face to face meetings. With that, it is critical to have a High Definition video conferencing solution. Techmind Solutions brings you a powerful collaboration solution. This video Logitech video conferencing solution allows you to conduct a group video conference meeting anywhere in the world. It allows you to convert any space into a meeting collaboration.

Logitech Dubai

Logitech offers a reliable and convenient collaboration and engagement experience. There has been an upsurge in the video conference systems of late across the globe. This was mainly perpetuated by the Corona pandemic that has struck the whole world. So, business owners are changing their normal norm of everyday working, to remain relevant and ahead of their competitors in this covid19 pandemic. The pandemic changed the way people live, and communicate. Therefore, to make sure that people are not behind, there are not missing their families and a work meeting in this pandemic, Techmind Solutions has amazing solutions. We have the best and HD meeting solutions from Logitech. The capacity of a Logitech conference room is 14 people.

However, due to the mic extension on Logitech, it’s now possible to have close to 20 people in the same meeting room. Therefore, the Logitech video conference system comes with different solutions as discussed in the following sections.

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Logitech brings a powerful video conference experience for you. Through its Rally conference camera and Rally meetup, you can have an unforgettable conference experience. The video conference cameras come in different types, but they all serve the same purpose. They only differ in the size of meetings that they support. Rally is for the small to medium meeting conferences, whilst the meetup is for medium to large meeting rooms. Thus, the prices for the Logitech Camera differ according to the name.
Rally System


Rally Camera

Rally Camera





Video Conference Room Solutions

This is a solution for both small, medium, and larger business conference rooms. Every person in the meeting deserves clear crystal audio during meetings. In addition, there is a need to have clear and High Definition video quality. With this, Logitech makes sure you pay for the best solution experience. Thus, our video conference solution varies depending on your budget. We have Logitech conference room solutions for Google meet, and Microsoft Teams. It is critical that you get the best solutions according to your business needs.

Therefore, our team of experts is also experienced in project management. Thus, they will help you in the identification of the best solution for you and do the planning and organizing for you. So, there is no need for you to waste time trying to understand some things when our experts are here for you. The Logitech room solutions for Microsoft Teams allows you to do several things.  Among them is the ability to convert any available space to Microsoft Teams meeting space with a single touch. In addition, it allows you to share content easily and center room control for MS Teams and Skype for Business. Again, the Logitech room video conferencing solution for Google Meet allows you to transform any space into a Google Meet with one touch.


Google Meet

Logitech room solutions for Google Meet


Ms Teams

Logitech room solutions for Microsoft Teams

Web Cameras | WebCam

Techmind Solutions provides you with WebCam from Logitech. These Web Cameras are designed to work with any Video Conference Software. They can be connected to any hardware. The prices for our WebCam differ according to their usage. With that, we guide you on choosing the best WebCam for your meeting conference. Because nowadays companies are opting for wireless web cameras, our video conference solutions have this feature for your convenience. These video solutions can be adjusted during the presentation so that there a wide-angle view. This is possible through the wide-angle webcam that is inbuilt. They can be used with TV screens for presentation. Most of these video conference solutions come with pre-installed zoom apps, Microsoft Teams, and many others. They make huddle rooms less congested.

Logitech Audio Conferencing Solutions

Whenever there is a meeting, it is crucial to have unclouded audio. Logitech has the best audio conference solution that brings crystalline hearing. Techmind Solutions has all these solutions for you and will help you in your next journey of virtual meeting setup.

For the meeting to be a success, there are some video conference room accessories that should be included. Logitech comes as a whole solution for video conferences. Thus, we provide solutions attached to the accessories for greater experience. We have solutions as well as accessories such as riser mount for Logitech Tap, PC mount, Wall mount, Rally Mic Pod, and Table mount among other things. Our experts will do an assessment of your board meeting room and determine the best place to mount the accessories. We have other video conferencing solutions from Barco Click Share, Polycom, and Konftel as well.

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