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Mobile Device Management – Enhance your corporate data security by monitoring, managing, and securing your mobile devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets

Security is the most crucial thing needed by any organization. As the world is now digital, so is the number of mobile devices increasing. The majority of business people and clients are using mobile devices. Mobility is of concern in this world that we are living in. Thus, companies should secure their devices. There are various thinking and suggestions by different people concerning security. But, data is a critical resource for any business. No matter small, medium or large. All the data should be protected from interception by hackers, crackers, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Although there are some antivirus solutions to safeguard your data, there is still a need for an MDM solution. It’s not only data on desktops and servers that require protection but those on mobile devices as well. At Techmind Solutions, we are among the leading providers of Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDM) in Dubai, UAE.

Remote Control Mdm

Remote Control Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDM)

The enhancement of corporate data comes at a time when most companies across the world are adapting to work from anywhere syndrome. This means that employees and people are working anyhow as long as they bring results to the table. Many things are happening because of technology. We never thought that one day people will be operating from their phones or tablets. However, due to the corona pandemic, there was a sudden shift in the need to have mobile devices for work. Several people conduct meetings on mobile devices, while school children use phones, laptops, and tablets for learning purposes. Thus, there is a need to safeguard the info and data available. Therefore, a mobile device management software solution helps in protecting your data. This software is installed by IT admins to enforce policies on mobile devices and makes it easier to track and report information as per need.

How do MDM works?

Mobile device management (MDM) as the name suggests is software that allows IT admins to control, secure, and enforce agreed policies on smartphones, tablets, and other endpoints. These devices are usually for the company. However, you can also use the same software on your personal mobile devices. MDM allows enterprise mobility management which includes the management of mobile applications, identity, and access management. The major aim of mobile device management is to enhance and optimize the security and functionality of mobile gadgets within the company. The modern MDM software supports several other gadgets ranging from tablets, Windows 10, and macOS computers. Again, there are other IoT deceives that can use mobile device management. Thus, a unified endpoint management system is the one used to control a PC.

Mobile device management

Mobile Device Management

As the world is shifting towards being digital so is everyone in order to adapt. In a world where people are working from anywhere, there is a need to monitor the devices for maximum productivity. Hence, in today’s world, IT administrators need to keep track of an ever-growing number of mobile gadgets that utilize their networks. The interesting thing about this MDM solution is that it can be used to locate, lock and wipe lost devices data. This will guarantee you that your data and information are secure from a third party or unwanted access. In case you don’t have an IT admin to help you with the work, we are here for you. Through our AMC managed services, we can help you with all IT support work, including Server management, backup solutions, data center, vulnerability penetration testing, among many others

Why Mobile Device Management Solutions?

  1. Device Tracking
  2. Increases productivity through monitoring the devices
  3. Protects your data
  4. Remote control
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