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Nowadays, there are a lot of changes taking place due to technology. If a company is to remain relevant in this era, then there should be proper IT systems in place. Technology does not only affect banks, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. But it causes a lot of changes to companies in manufacturing, warehouses, mining, and many more. So, for a company to stand the taste of time, it should invest in advanced systems. What are some of the systems that are necessary for companies in the manufacturing business? IT has made it possible for all companies to reduce their costs. Not only does it help in reducing manpower costs, but it also helps to cut and minimize operating time. A lot of systems are in use by manufacturing companies. Among them is an Object Counting System.

Techmind Solutions is an automated object counting systems supplier in Dubai. If your business does manufacturing and counting of objects is done by human beings, then, it’s high time you consider using an automated object counting system. These systems are the best when it comes to the elimination of human error. In Dubai, Techmind Solutions is helping a lot of companies to manage their warehouse through the use of automated object counting systems.

Conveyor Belt (1)

Automated Conveyor Objects Counting Systems

As more profits are realized in the manufacturing business, most of the companies there require systems that are more efficient and costly. The majority of the enterprises are still using human power to manually record objects in the conveyor belts. The traditional way of object counting is not bad, however, there is a lot of impetus when handling voluminous items. Because of this, conveyor systems are increasingly becoming popular in today’s world. They are not only popular nowadays,  but they are more fascinating in handling any type of heavy handling industry.

Objects counting systems are 50% cheaper as compared to other means of object counting. So, the use of transport and humans in carrying and counting objects is slowly fading away. At Techmind Solutions, we help businesses with automated object counting systems. We do the installation and support of such systems.

Count and Pack Objects from Conveyor

There are lots of advantages when using automated counting systems solutions. Just like the people counting system, an object counting system is designed to help businesses reduce their costs to the bottom while realizing their ROI. Thus, a company that has lots of heavy and bulky items to handle ought to have an automated solution. When you share your employees’ load with a machine, work is reduced and they tend to use their time in a productive way. Researches and studies indicated that employees tend to use their time to think about other ideas. So, if you need your company to have innovative employees, you need a solution that will lift weights on their shoulders. This solution is an automated object counting solution. Apart from heavy and bulky handling, an organization can utilize an object counting system to count the number of people passing through a certain check point.

Object Counting Systems in Conveyor

Conveyors have different measurements ranging from 1200mm to 1600mm. However, there is great scalability for the length. There are some conveyor systems that normally go beyond 40m in length. These types of systems will be executed with a tension belt station. The majority of conveyors have great quality, steel frames and some are hot-dips galvanized. However, all these systems are designed with different processes in mind.  But the good thing is no system respects all these features or how the conveyor was manufactured. All the object counting systems are designed to ease human work.

Artificial Intelligence in Objects Counting

Industry 4.0 automation and transformation journey is difficult in terms of recognizing reconciliable GMP compliant IT solutions for Manufacturing, and QC use cases to increase productivity and maintain operational excellence. Managed reporting for multiple departments and configuring desired information flow for relevant data points is also a challenge among various facilities. However, due to the dawn of Artificial Intelligence, it becomes easier to have automated reporting, identifying compatible compliant solutions in manufacturing, and other heavy and loaded businesses. Darsa Ai software as service-generated video analytics from surveillance cameras acts as an Industry 4.0 management system to support Production, Quality, Maintenance, and Operational Excellence teams. Due to their machine learning and deep learning capabilities, it is easier to have support for any type of industry.

Ai Object Counting

Object Counting System

A digital platform is a repository of business, technology, and data components that facilitates the rapid innovation of new offerings and enhancements. Thus, with the coming of AI, counting objects by systems became interesting and more popular. Even though not all companies are able to implement an automated object counting system,  Techmind Solutions has many success stories. So,  An object counting system powered by AI Solutions helps in various ways. Among them are the things below:

  • Count the defined objects to reduce manual errors.
  • Helps in material management and cyclic inventory counting.
  • Track and count the different size of objects
  • Generate real-time analytic

The objects are counting as entry and exit to make sure that they concur to the initial number. Therefore, an automated object counting system does quality checks and control at both ends. Instant and accurate quality check for ongoing processes is done by the system.

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