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Techmind Solutions is among the top leaders of Polycom dealers in Dubai. It delivers a broad range of Polycom video conferences in Dubai. Polycom offers High Definition video, voice, and content collaboration & communication technology. Hence, it integrates your communication into one single source. There is no need to panic because of poor quality. Polycom guarantees you the finest quality of audio, video, and image. With Polycom, the sharing of documents during presentations is easier. There is no need to share a presentation in USB flash. Therefore, many companies are adopting the use of Polycom for their online meetings. Not only does this gives you peace of mind, but it also allows employees to attend meetings in the comfort of their homes. So, if you don’t want your company to be in the turmoil of this COVID-19, make sure to order your Polycom today!

Top Polycom company in Dubai and across UAE. A leader in HD Polycom video conference solutions in Dubai. 

Polycom Video Dubai

Video conference is among the most crucial field of communication. With the introduction of Polycom, it is now very easy to hold meetings with people from different parts of the world. Through, our video conferencing solution, we make sure you get HD videos during your meetings. However, apart from videos, our Polycom video conference solution has voice and content collaboration aided by cutting edge technology. Therefore, this solution can be used the same way as our Hello Messenger video conferencing solution and Logitech conference solution. Our Polycom video conference camera gives high audio and video quality. Therefore, Polycom video conferencing system is the best for all your boardroom meetings.

Polycom Video Conference

Polycom Trio in Dubai

A Polycom Trio is used in different ways in the conference solutions to deliver the best results. S0, it can be used as an independent phone or it can be used as a complete video conference solution consisting of a camera. Thus, this Polycom Trio supports a 1080p30 USB camera and provides business-class HD video quality. In addition, it gives an amusing real-time engagement that’s mandatory for effective collaboration. Polycom Trio is the first Skype for Business on-premise and Office 365 Skype for Business Cloud PBX certified conference phone on the market.

Polycom Video Conference Collaboration

Let the real-time communication revolve around you with Polycom conference collaborations. Through our Polycom conference solution, it’s convenient and efficient to share meeting presentations using HD content technology. Again, Polycom video conference solutions allow you to boost productivity during meetings. In addition, it’s possible to share documents such as spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. It creates a real-world meeting environment. Thus, with our conference solution, we guarantee you the best experience ever.

Polycom Video Conferencing Systems

Polycom brought the next Virtual offices closer to people. With the use of Polycom solutions, you can capture every moment during the meeting. People from various departments can collaborate online and this reduces traveling costs. The meeting conference can be viewed on the Video Walls, TV, or any display solution that you might have.


Audio Systems

Audio conferencing is a meeting conducted via the telephone by various independent callers. It requires an audio device to conduct the meeting. An audio conference is less costly as compared to a Face to face meeting. Hence, the meeting organizer is quite easy and less of a hustle. Therefore, compared to face to face meetings, this meeting can be attended in any geographical location across the world. An audio conference uses both types of phones. Thus, it uses analog conference phones as well as IP Phones.

More information about Polycom can be found here.  We are the leading Polycom distributor in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Not only are we leaders in video conferencing, but in meeting room solutions as well. Techmind Solutions is your first choice in Polycom video conferencing setup in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates. In addition to Polycom, we also offer video conference solutions for Barco Click Share, Logitech, and Konftel video conferencing solutions in Dubai.

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