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Undertake, remodel and automate an organization’s virtualized workloads

Linux Red Hat Virtualization defines a business virtualization platform that underpins crucial key virtualization workloads. These workloads may include resource-intensive and critical applications, built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and KVM and fully supported by Red Hat. Businesses can virtualize their resources, applications, and processes. Red Hat virtualization is built on Linux where most IT people are familiar with. There are many advantages of Red Hat Virtualization. Among them is that it was built on Linux and makes it easier for IT people to work with it easily. As the leading virtualization service provider in Dubai, we guarantee you the best from Red Hat Virtualization. Thus, through our dedicated Linux engineers, we help you achieve your business dreams. Through the oVirt technology of Red Hat, all virtualizations are developed and tested using 10 years of free source code KVM.

Redhat Openshift

Red Hat Openshift

Red Hat server is a complete infrastructure solution for virtualized servers and technical workstations delivering agility, security, and ease of use for the company workload. Openshift allows the managing and deployment of hybrid cloud, edge, and multi-cloud. OpenShift is a business-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to deploy and managing of hybrid cloud, edge, and multi-cloud. A developer can optimize Red Hat OpenShift to promote innovation. The speed of software and App development is of paramount importance, hence, the need to have Red Hat Openshift. It improves the deployment and development of Dev Ops.

After a code has been changed in the containers, it is easier to update the code in the other clusters. Thus, Red Hat Openshift enhances the ability to take advantage of public and private clouds. On top of these clouds is the red Hat Enterprise Linux or Centos version. Through the use of a container registry, a docker registry gives an undoubted docker image registry.

Openshift and DevOps

Openshift makes it easier for software developers to design projects and applications through the web console and CLI. This Openshift is built on Kubernetes and it runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Centos versions. Kubernetes allows scaling and deployment of apps faster. Kubernetes automates container operations, management, and orchestration to make it easier to work with. Red Hat Openshift benefits developers as it allows them to create groups of hosts running containers and smoothly manage them. These clusters can cover end-to-end across public, private, or hybrid clouds. Therefore, Red Hat OpenShift is a perfect platform for hosting every cloud-native apps that need fast scaling. So, you can engage us for your Red Hat Virtualization deployment and support in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates. Not only do we specialize in Red Hat, but in other several virtualizations solutions.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux – Virtualization

Red Hat OpenShift version 4.6 brings strong new edge computing technology features, enhances organizations to build event-driven applications with OpenShift Serverless, technologize their business-critical Java applications using Red Hat built of Quarks, etc. Therefore, Red Hat helps most organizations to scale their infrastructure and teams through automation. This agility is possible through Red Hat automation solutions. In addition, you can manage risk and operational efficiency with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat Enterprise
Red Hat Cloud


Our world changed over during the course of the night. For many in enterprise IT, demand growth that used to transpire within years or months is now taking place within a few minutes. It’s critical nowadays to deploy cloud-ready apps instantly. Using state of the art technologies, skills, and innovations, businesses can scale up and keep abreast with technology.  Red Hat accelerates application development and deployment with a shorter time to market and quick revenue generation ( time to value). Cloud computing brought new changes to IT as well. As more and more enterprise businesses are shifting from the way they used to do business, so is the technology. Using Red Hat Cloud-Native, all your legacy apps will; remain in the cloud. There is no need for you to start from scratch.

The demands for users are ever-changing and meeting these demands is an increasing challenge. Thus, there is a need to have infrastructure and systems that are readily present in any environment and available. Cloud-native embraces present architecture, agile techniques, and packaging in containers. With Red Hat Cloud-Native, everything is just faster. Cloud-native allows faster application deployment, development faster, and adaptation to the faster-changing needs. With the coming of the global pandemic, those companies that dream to make should embrace the use of clouds. Red Hat brings a cloud-native solution that will assist users and IT people to access their data from any location, on any device, and at any time.

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So, if you are thinking of having a virtualization service, look no further than Techmind Solutions. We are the leading system integrators, IT solutions provider in Dubai and across the UAE. We specialize in various products and IT services with the majority of our clients being in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Techmind Solutions is the biggest Linux Red Hat supplier and Red Hat support in Dubai. Our IT Engineers have more than 30+ years of experience in Cloud solutions, Virtualization, DR, etc. Additionally, you can find out about our other products and service on our home page.


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