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We Deliver Affordable Security Solutions with Trend Micro Antivirus in Dubai, UAE

With our single-source stop solution for all your security needs with Trend Micro in Dubai, you cannot resist the benefits of trend micro. There is no need to stress as we have Trend Micro for office scans which does deep security scan and trend micro internet security among various others. All these antivirus solutions come at an affordable cost. We know the importance of security to any business and that’s why we are coming to you with an affordable antivirus solution. Do not regret it when you lose your data due to cyber-attacks and other intrusions. Get in touch with us today for your business solution. Trend Micro lets you protect all your hybrid cloud security, network defense, and end-user protection.

The security of data is a critical concern in any business nowadays. So, why not outsource your security concerns to us whilst you remain rooted in your daily internal business operations for a better ROI?


Through the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence, Trend Micro stops threats and vulnerabilities so businesses can enjoy their digital life safely. Trend Micro can be used by a variety of companies ranging from banking, government, consumers, and hospitals among many others. It can be used to secure online banking, shopping threats, and many more by blocking malware. Trend Micro assures 100% guaranteed protection against web threats with 24/7 security support.


Trend Micro is the world leader in cybersecurity protection. It has affordable solutions for any security needs. Data has always been the most valuable resource in any organization. So, Trend Micro has a passion to make sure there is safety when information is digitally exchanged between parties. Thus, Trend Micro endpoint security is the best antivirus used to date across the globe. We, @ Techmind Solutions, are excited to be the reseller of the leading Trend Micro antivirus in Dubai and UAE. Hence, Techmind Solutions provides you with endpoint security solutions that exceed your expectations.

Trend Micro is security for all businesses, consumers, and government. Therefore, it guarantees security on the data centers, cloud workloads, networks, and endpoints when you work with Trend Micro.

Trend Micro Antivirus protects all workstations and devices from malware, viruses, loss, and theft.

One-Single Protection Solution – Techmind Solutions

Trend antivirus offers protection for Hybrid Cloud Security, Network Defense, and End User Device and applications. Therefore, it protects all devices and applications ranging from laptops, desktops, emails, and web.

Network Defense– It secures your network against all vulnerabilities through its Intrusion Prevention tools.

End-User Protection– Let your users stay ahead of threats daily. Since threats are evolving rapidly nowadays, it is critical that you have trusted and reliable antivirus for your user protection. So, with Trend Micro, the antivirus solution protects your users in any device, application, and location they will be surfing the net from. Irrespective of the software application being used by your users, device, location, or the network, we make sure there are multiple layers of security for email and the web among other crucial things.

Why Trend Micro?

  • Advanced AI
  • Trend Micro Pay Guard
  • Secures mobile devices
  • Keeps children safe online
  • Secure privacy on social media
  • Protection from all 3 Zero-day threats.


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