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Uninterrupted Power Supply batteries in Dubai

Energy protection with uninterrupted power supply in Dubai, UAE from Techmind Solutions.

The high-frequency uninterrupted power supply in Dubai ranging from 10kVA/8000 Watts to around 600kVA come at affordable prices. Techmind Solutions has the UPS power solution for today and future energy challenges. Keep your machines, office and home lit up with our UPS system.


Want to understand Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)? 

UPS is an abbreviation that stands for an uninterrupted power supply. Thus, UPS refers to an electrical source that offers power when there is a crisis. A crisis normally happens when the input source or the mains power provider fails to generate power. So, to protect hardware from this sudden fatality, there is a need to have UPS in place. UPS batteries protect your hardware such as servers, computers, data centers, and telecommunication equipment among others from unprecedented times of fatality and business disruption.

Because business continuity is always a priority in any organization, it is vital to have UPS. Most UPS lasts for a few minutes, but this is sufficient enough to allow a standby to take place. When people are having online meetings and all of sudden a power outage happens, it becomes very difficult especially when people were using desktop computers. Thus, a UPS will start a standby in times of electrical power interruption. When in standby, the hardware will be properly shut down to avoid any data loss.

UPS system in Dubai

It is critical to have a UPS in any business as a contingency plan to unexpected fatalities. UPS batteries are used in computer and peripheral devices. There is a UPS power strip from Schneider electric. This strip guarantees a benign conversion of a UPS outlet.

UPS Power Strip UPS Power Strip UPS Strip

Datacenter UPS

The operations of a business depend on the availability of datacenter hardware. UPS is a critical device that is needed in any datacenter. Because disaster and any fatalities occur unexpectedly, thus, the need to have a power backup solution. Power outages can cause some fatalities to data, at times causing data to corrupt. Recovering from this disaster consumes too much time, hence, the need to be ready for any disaster that may occur now and in the future. There are some systems that need to be accessed remotely every now and again, some of them require constant wireless connectivity. This connectivity will only be available with the help of a backup, even though it will be for a few minutes.

Datacenter UPS Having solutions that stand the taste of the time in solving power challenges is our strength. Solutions for the datacenters and industrial processes. Thus, we have different UPS for different businesses. Among them are Easy UPS, Galaxy VX, and Galaxy VS, and many more. Easy UPS 3L is for commercial business. These UPS have a power that ranges from 500-600 kVA. This means it is possible to shut your hardware safely with power standby in this UPS. So, we have a wide range of UPS solutions for manufacturing, industry, and commercial businesses.

To understand more on UPS, visit Schneider electric.

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