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Yealink Video Conferencing

Yealink powerful inbuilt camera makes it easier to support small to medium conference needs. The built-in MCU, Yealink VC800 camera has a capacity of 24-site HD video conferencing support and it can be divided into two virtual meeting collaboration rooms. Gone are the days when companies were not able to interact with employees in different geographical locations.

Polycom Video Conference

Polycom Video Conference System

Video conference is among the most crucial field of communication. With the introduction of Polycom, it is now very easy to hold meetings with people from different parts of the world. Through, our video conferencing solution, we make sure you get HD videos during your meetings. However, apart from videos, our Polycom video conference solution has voice and content collaboration aided by cutting edge technology.

Video Conference

Logitech Video Conference System 

The dawn of IT saw a plethora of things transpiring across the globe. A superfluity of changes in the way people used to conduct meetings has been witnessed in this era. Moving away from conducting meetings in a room using notebooks to make vital points to having interactive technologies. Thus, IT transformed the way we meet and collaborate with others. So, virtual meetings have replaced the face to face meetings. With that, it is critical to have a High Definition video conferencing solution. Techmind Solutions brings you a powerful collaboration solution. This Logitech video conference system solution allows you to conduct a group video conference meeting. It allows you to convert any space into a meeting collaboration.


Video Conference

Barco Clickshare Video Conferencing

Allows you to connect automatically and wirelessly to any meeting. Barco click share lets you connect to the room audio and video meeting wirelessly. Gives you the flexibility to select how you want to collaborate with your team. It offers the greatest flexibility and gives you control over how to connect with your team from anywhere in the world. With the use of wireless presenters and stand-alone presenters, huddle places are converted into seamless conference facilities.


Bose Videobar Vb1

Bose Videobar VB1 Conferencing Device

With its 6 beam-steering microphones, Bose makes conversation more natural by actively focusing on voices: exclusion zones help reject unwanted sound; and auto EQ delivers optimized audio to all participants. This makes sure voices are audible. It is the best for integration with cloud solutions – Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and more, bringing enhanced video and audio performance to popular Unified Communications platforms.

Jabra Panacast

Jabra Panacast Video Conferencing

In a world that is ever changing, we need great audio and video quality experience. This is only achieved by using Jabra Pancast 50. Embrace PanaCast 50 ability to give you the power to put safe, socially distanced meetings back on the table. Get used to the first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar. Video meeting are undoubtably one of the new normal by every person globally.

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Hello Messenger Video Conference

Flawless Home Automation with HELLO2 Messenger. With a remarkably enhanced hardware and software, HELLO2 provides increased life to your TV, converting it into a gadget that can be used for high-quality audio and video calls with friends, family, and colleagues. Video collaboration systems have been increasingly on the rise especially in this era of COVID. Thus, Techmind Solutions has various solutions to choose from.

Polycom Video Conference

Konftel Video Conference

Video conference Camera solution that allows you to deliver your presentation wirelessly. Transform huddle meeting rooms into seamless conference space. Konftel works with the Barco cx series for video conferences. Konftel brings an All-In-One video experience. Due to its HD Camera, it can be used to solve unpredictable scenarios in the world as it brings predictable answers.

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