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Many people have questions on what exactly is VAPT. So, the term VAPT is short for Vulnerability and assessment penetration testing. This is a type of security that tries to scrutinize the network for any unauthorized entrance. Techmind offers vulnerability assessment services. In planning to carry the VAPT, we do a document for the security threat and planning. In doing so, we provide technical expertise in supporting companies to understand complex cyber threats. The first stage in controlling and managing cyber attacks is to train the employees. Training can be done by employees without the need for a trainer. Thus, we have a tailor-made solution that will help your employees to understand the need to have security at the workplace.

Network Penetration

Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing

We use advanced penetration tools penetration vulnerability testing. Many hackers are targeting systems with code flaws. As cyberattack cases are surging, there is a great need to make sure that data is not vulnerable to attacks. How does vulnerability control starts? Well, it all starts with the internal staff. Thus, there is an increasing need for building a human wall of security in an organization.

So, we have security awareness training for your employees. Security starts with the employees before it goes to securing the devices being used. Thus, at Techmind, we are proud to be partnering with the leading vulnerability and assessment penetration testing companies in providing security to your business. Advanced AI technology is used in the VAPT testing.

Secure Drive Technology

A lot of companies are losing data because of a lack of security. Data protection is part of our vulnerability assessment. Through our secure drive technology, we make sure that no data can be copied to the flash drive. Access is granted to deserving and relevant employees who will be working with such types of data and information. In the case of losing the drive, we have inbuilt instructions that protect your data from falling in the wrong hands. Thus, we have expertise ranging from countermeasures, espionage, exploits, malicious code, and computer hacking skills. Due to our team of dedicated and certified hackers, they will provide a detailed vulnerability report and recommendations for improving network security.

Network Penetration (1)

Network layer security penetration testing

Since we offer L2 to L7 network layers security penetration testing, our expert team provides you with a vulnerability scan in an agile and accurate manner. In addition, we make sure that we produce reports for your reference. Thus, the scan will give your company a detailed technical report which helps toughen the cyber-security. Besides data being the most valuable resource in any company, it is wiser that VAPT is done to harden the security. Thus, we offer 100% Foolproof technology to safeguard your business from eventualities.

Professional penetration testing (Pen-testing) for your Business

We provide tailor-made penetration testing needs according to your organizational needs. So, we use modern security exploits VAPT tools to assess your business security needs. Likewise, our custom structured testing packages are adaptable to project goals and requirements. Therefore, we make sure we deliver any Vulnerability and Assessment Penetration Testing according to your budget since our VAPT services that are affordable and cost-effective.

So, as one of the leading VAPT companies in Dubai, Techmind Solutions strives to deliver the best security to your business. Thus, we carry out Vulnerability and Assessment Penetration Testing according to your needs. So, Are you in need of Network penetration experts, or are you prone to cyber-attacks? Don’t wait until your system gets down. We are just a phone call away +971 4 3880449. After the penetration testing, we make sure you get reports that can be utilized by the management for decision making.

We do Pen-test for:

Mobile Security Penetration Testing
Network Security Testing
Web Application Assessment
Vulnerability Analysis

Techmind Solutions does Networking Pen-Testing for:

  • White Box Pentest
  • Black Box or Blind test Pentest
  • Hidden Pentest (double-blind test)
  • External Pentest
  • Internal Pentest
  • Gray Box Pentest
  • Segmentation Pentest
Network Penetration (2)

Why Vulnerability and Assessment Penetration Testing?

  • Information Technology structure is becoming more multifaceted and wider.
  • Increased surface attacks.
  • There is a need to determine the level of risk involved, resources exposed to out surfaces, and detection of possible types of attacks.
  • Preventing possible attacks

We carry out security assessments for all businesses and governments. Contact us today to arrange VAPT testing for your business. Get to know the flaws in your code before it’s too late. Make sure to guard your data from hackers and intruders. So, are you in Dubai or UAE and interested in having a VAPT?

So, What are Techmind Solutions Promise to You?

  • Cyber pen-testing.
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Security
  • Costs Effective pen-testing.
  • Quality VAPT
  • Provide you with the VAPT checklist.

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