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Indoor and Outdoor Enterprise WiFi for modern businesses in Dubai, UAE. WiFi has become a necessity rather than a luxury. From unlocking your business potential to connecting your clients, WiFi has made the connectivity very easy. It has made the showcasing of businesses beyond imaginable places necessary and much simpler.

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Enterprise WiFi Solutions in Dubai

WiFi has become an enabler of everything in the world. With the need to have mobility and flexibility when communicating, there is a need to have a secure and reliable WiFi solution. Without WiFi, the world is dead and with no life. Many technologies that evolved are aided by WiFi. Talking of smart technologies such as smart home automation, Google maps, metros, and more things. So, Techmind Solutions brings you a high-performance and secure wireless solution for your business. Gone are the days when people relied on written letters to market their business. With the evolution of a Wireless connection, all businesses are accessed on the go. We pride ourselves on having close to a decade of experience in providing technology solutions to enterprise businesses in Dubai.

Delivering an exceptional and brilliant WiFi solution to your work environment is no longer just a nicety. WiFi connectivity has become an interesting way to connect with business and loved ones. With the evolution of Video Walls and Display Solutions, it can only be wireless that can aid that technology.

WiFi Solutions for Every business

The evolution of wireless connection saw the rise in smart solutions. Our WiFi connectivity caters to most businesses from metros, shops, transports, health, banking, schools, residential among others. WiFi has been increasingly used in Smart Home Automation as this technology is booming. We can give you an integrated solution for home automation and CCTV Cameras which will be linked by WiFi connection. Nowadays, there are IP based Cameras that can be accessed remotely from any mobile device. All this is possible and we make sure you have the best experience from our experts.

LAN WiFi solutions

In case you might be wondering how to have a local area connection at your company, Techmind Solutions has this solution for you. Our experienced Network engineers will make sure they segment your network and make sure your guests will be able to connect to your WiFi. You are a call away from getting the best WiFi solution from us. To understand more about wireless connectivity, read here about Ubiquiti.


WiFi Installation and Setup from Techmind Solutions

If you are looking for WiFi installation services in Dubai, Techmind Solutions is here for you. Through our dedicated team, they are able to do a brilliant job for you. As one of the leading and best WiFi, home, and business installation company in Dubai, we also take pride in offering services not limited to:

  • WiFi Troubleshooting Services
  • WiFi Installation Services
  • Home WiFi setup
  • Business WiFi setup
  • Extended WiFi range
  • Wireless Network Services

and other services.

WiFi Installation

WiFi Coverage Extension (Range Extender)

Do you have WiFi installation at your home or business?

Are you facing any challenges in network strength?

Techmind Solutions offers a great job in increasing the WiFi coverage of your network through Range Extenders. Once we install and does the WiFi setup at your premise, we additionally provide you with our support services. No matter we are not the ones who installed your WiFi solution, we can help you with troubleshooting and fixing of connectivity problems. We are proud to be providing WiFi solutions in Dubai.

WiFi Consultation Services

We understand that not all people are able to determine the right equipment needed for them. Techmind Solutions is your trusted partner in traveling that journey. The performance of your WiFi has something to do with the equipment and setup, hence, the need to consult a professional in this area. We are available 24/7 and we come straight to your doorstep to consult. Drop an email or Contact Us if you need our services.

Wireless Site Surveys

Do you know the number of Access Points (APN) needed to do WiFi installation at your premise? We are an experienced team of professionals and we know our work. A site survey is supposed to be done before anything else happens. We can measure the distances in between for the access points and recommend the best WiFi solution for you.

WiFi Support and Maintenance.

Techmind Solutions will help you with setting up the WiFi solutions in a wireless manner. We know anything can happen to the WiFi by accident, and we are here to offer WiFi installation and Support to you all the way. Speed and security when communicating are fundamental and we promise you super speed and secure WiFi solutions that won’t give you headaches. Apart from setup, support, and maintenance, we make sure that we link all your devices to the internet. So, we connect your iPads, tablets, desktop, printers, laptops, and any other devices that you might with the capability for wireless connection. We provide a variety of IT solutions and you can find more about WiFi solutions on Ubiquiti.

Many organizations are moving away from a wired connection to wireless. There is a growing need in WiFi solutions across the globe and to move with technology, every business ought to have proper WiFi solutions. Techmind Solutions will assist you in making a connection for your home or office smart TV, WiFi-enabled speakers, and media players to the installed WiFI.

Let us know if you have any queries by completing our form here. Alternatively, you can talk to our WiFi experts on Dubai 04-3880449 or drop an email on info@techmindme.com.