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Get the ideal accessory that accommodates any type of cable. Nowadays meetings are no longer just meetings. They now more of connection rather than just business. So, during the meeting, it’s critical to have HD quality cables that will give quality output. Austere cables are the most ideal solution for your meetings. They connect with 8K HDMI cables to give a sparkling and desirable video and audio output. A crystal clear image is not only good for your meeting but it’s great for your eyes. A hazy video will damage your eyes while dragging audios will affect your ears. Thus, having high-quality video and audios is always a great thing. So, get your cables now and enjoy an unlimited super experience. Techmind Solution is a partner  of Austere cables in Dubai and we are here to deliver quality service to you.

These days people are working remotely due to coronavirus outbreaks across the globe. As this has become the new normal, employees are connecting remotely for their meetings. So, the only way to have an amazing meeting is to have the proper resources needed for the meeting. Thus, if you are thinking of upgrading your meeting room equipment, let us know and we will help you.

Meeting Room Cables

Austere Cables in Dubai

Delivering a speech is not a hustle, but getting the attendees to hear you is the big challenge. Thus, it’s good to have ultra-high definition cables that will deliver the messages in a transparent manner. The use of Austere cables come with high-quality output. These cables use cutting-edge technology to deliver a climax of the performance. They are Kevlar-reinforced and protected by Austere proprietary Woven-Armor, constructed for flexibility and strength such that confined spaces and tight installations will not impede their efficiency.

It’s high time that you upgrade your entertainment equipment to experience the greatest fun and enjoy the highest quality audio streaming possible. Austere cables can be used in boardroom meetings. They bring the best quality to your audience. Alternatively, cinemas, showrooms, and any other display systems can make use of these state-of-the-art cables.

Power of Austere Cables

Whether you are in a conference meeting or live television broadcasting, that doesn’t matter. Just let your cables be top-notch and draw many viewers to your screen. The video quality should be eye-catching to your viewers so that they continue with viewing. Since the evolution of technology, there are many changes that are happening in every sector. In the television space, is a huge shift in technology. With the coming of advanced LED screens for bathroom TV displays, there is a need to integrate these solutions with Austere to get the best entertainment experience.

The cables are made from the most innovative technologies that give you the best experience. Ideal for High Definition (HD) displays and the devices that connect to them, which include Apple TV or Roku and gaming devices, such as PS5/PS4 and Xbox. Never let any sub-standard affect your viewing. Our cables come in different sizing and shape. They are all suitable for your events. Contact us for your order of the UHD cables today.

Ultra High-Definition (UHD)

Austere cables are highly plated silver conductors with a bandwidth of 48Gbps and can carry resolutions up to 10K and 8K60, 4K120 frame rates. They operate at a maximum of 8K specs and procedures to improve the performance of your organization’s investment. The HDMI eARC innovation is the fresh technology that we have for you. This technology allows the upstream and downstream of signals over one HDMI cable connection between the television and any of your eARC-equipped device. Due to this, it’s easier to have a single remote control of the whole AV system. Techmind Solutions helps you with the cabling and setup of the entire system. From public address systems (PA systems) to AV conference systems.

Uhd Cables

We have experts who are knowledgeable in IT support and IT solutions. Our experts are subject matter experts in different fields. If you need to have HD video quality without changing your devices, consider Austere cables. Not only do they give you crystal clear vision, but they provide you with the best entertainment. With our Austere cables, we guarantee you peace of mind. During cable installation, we make sure we tighten the connection to your devices. This ain’t for your peace of mind only, but for your protection and performance.

Power Adapter

Austere Series Power Adapter

Some might be thinking about the safety of their conference and meeting room devices. Well, the truth is Austere has you covered. We don’t just provide power but protection and safety to your devices as well. We have since moved away from providing just power. Due to the change in technology, Austere is also keeping abreast and knows very well the need for products that are efficient and effective to the customers. Through the use of PureFiltration technology, Austere makes sure that there is no noise pollution and artifacts that can be transmitted through power lines and stops this noise from affecting your devices. Again, the Omniport USB offers faster charge and security for low-voltage devices. In addition, Austere also provides flameless MOV circuits and thermally protected outlets, protecting you from a home electrical fire or short circuits.

Thus, we have all the full kit for your meeting and conference rooms. From the installation of your PA systems, AV conference systems to the mounting of bathroom TVs and the smart board fills. Get your all-in-one solution today from Techmind Solutions, the biggest IT solutions provider in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.  Now, since you have been following this thread from the beginning, we are sure you are looking for something to boost your entertainment. As the leading Austere cables partner in Dubai, we are asking you to reach us by phone or by email.

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