Microsoft Azure Solutions, Dubai, UAE

Data Backup,  Disaster Recovery, Security.


The cloud is transforming how the business consumes IT today by offering consumption-based resources and services that can scale up or down, as needed Azure makes it easy to scale up or down as your business needs change. Techmind Solutions is the best when it comes to Microsoft Azure Solutions, Dubai.

With Azure, you can save time, money, and effort on Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Security management workloads. Techmind Solutions is a Microsoft cloud partner in Dubai delivering various cloud solutions. We provide solutions such as Azure managed services. These services can be accessed differently. Some of them offer a yearly package whilst others are monthly.

Data Backup

With Azure backup-up solutions,you can protect your data and applications to avoid costly business interruptions or to meet compliance requirements.

Disaster Recovery

So be ready with a business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery for all your major IT systems – without the expense of secondary infrastructure.


With and increase in security breaches and cyber crimes that’s why Azure has several industry-leading options for managing and monitoring your assets.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services

A lot of businesses are opting into cloud storage. However, some of the businesses are not familiar with cloud storage, backup, and security. So, Techmind Solutions is a trusted partner in Azure consulting. We have Microsoft Azure certified Engineers and are ready to assist you in the Azure cloud services journey. Our experts provide support in anything hosted on the Azure cloud platform. From Microsoft cloud server to Azure cloud hosting, Techmind guarantees you the best experience. IoT has brought lots of changes to the way we live and interact, thus, the evolution of Azure IoT services. Azure is a disaster recovery and backup tool which is flexible and has built-in integration. It allows offsite replication, minimal onsite maintenance with less operational costs.

Azure Cloud Solutions

For those companies that are looking into hosting their mobile applications, managing web or hosting services, Microsoft Azure is the best platform which offers cloud hosting service.

Because Azure gives a central management feature to the Active Directory. Also, it makes it easy to access the AD from any location across the globe. Hence, it is the only platform that allows the reach of DC controllers to consolidate with Active Directory Management. Additionally, Azure becomes the central management tool for cloud Apps such as Microsoft 365 and Active Directory if a company has several sites or uses on-premise apps.

Security is key to any business. So, with the use of Azure, it allows the utilization of multi-factor authentication. This provides security to the applications and zero pressure on employees. It enables single sign-on of different platforms including Windows and Mac, among others.

Microsoft Azure Cloud
Microsoft Azure

Azure IoT Services

Due to the changing in time, there is a high demand that companies should be prepared to embrace. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses and people interact. IoT brings connected and habitual IT. Everything is connected and linked to the other. From houses, cars, and offices. Things such as lights, windows, room temperature can be controlled from one central hub.

Azure gives a cloud platform that allows all the applications and devices to be connected. So, through its Azure IoT Hub, it is very easy to manage billions of devices and make business decisions quickly. Therefore, Azure IoT makes sure you know what’s happening in your business and it allows quick decision making. Decisions made will lower costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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Besides Microsoft Azure, Dubai cloud technologies. Some of the data back-ups such as Acronis Cyber back-up provides a true image of the data. Thus, the cloud saves data by using the true copy of the premise data. Also, Cloud and IT solutions provide cloud-based solutions. Cloud in the most convenient place to store data as it allows retrieval from anyway. Again, Microsoft Azure makes it even more convenient for O365 Exchange Online. 
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