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What is Blockchain? Is a system of recording information in a way that it will not be altered, cheated, or tempered. Again, it’s a distributed ledger technology that uses a digital transaction ledger. A digital transaction is distributed across the entire network of the blockchain. Blockchain technology helps many organizations to safeguard the details of customers. Also, with blockchain, it is easier to trace products from the manufacture to the consumer. Thus, Techmind Solutions is a leading IT Solutions provider and reseller in Dubai and blockchain solutions provider in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates as well.

Blockchain Technology

Chain block Technology

Just like Big Data, blockchain is a technology that helps companies save lots of money. Nowadays, there has been an increasing number of hackers. Findings made during this covid19 shows that indeed hackers are doing their job. So, why do you need blockchain technology? This gives a company the peace of mind knowing that information is highly secured. Blockchain offers an additional layer of security and makes sure that data is not altered or changed along the way.

Block Chain Use Case

Blockchain Use In Finance

This technology can be implemented in many sectors. For instance, companies that are in the medical sector can take advantage of Blockchain. A financial institution can use blockchain technology to make sure that every transaction is authentic and genuine. This is done with the help of digital stamps. Through distributed digital ledgers, it is possible to make sure that there are decentralized databases, process logic, and cryptographic security transparency designed for value.

Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that offers stability, scalability, and innovation. Other than in cryptocurrencies, a distributed ledger technology is useful for value exchange. How? Value is transacted through DLT. Ecosystem- busy buyers, regulators, and suppliers do not use only one app. With this technology, rules are put in place. Lower friction and speed reduce working capital in the value chain and reduces risks. Therefore, Techmind Solutions is among the best blockchain companies in Dubai and across the UAE. We help your business obtain the best value from technology. The dawn of many technologies such as Artificial Intelligence brought a huge relief to business as companies are now able to realize their profits and make decisions quickly, so is with blockchain. Lots of technologies including emerging tech such as Edge computing and the Internet of Things are among the unsurpassed services to ever existed.

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Blockchain Use Case

Blockchain Use Cases

In a blockchain platform, there are four things:

  • Decentralized database – data is stored is in more than one place. Data can be anything and each entry is #chained# to the next.
  • Cryptographic Security – this is built on public-key infrastructure, strength can be varied according to use and reduces damage caused by a data breach.
  • Process Automation – is for smart contracts, which uses modular business rules and programs are built into the database.
  • Value transfer – this transfers digital value, but not necessary for its usage. Value can be any digital representation of an asset.

So, why Blockchain? Use Case

There are various benefits of blockchain across the globe. The handling of asset management became easier with the use of blockchain technology. Another use case of blockchain is in digital identity. There is a growing need to identify individuals and companies. With the coming of blockchain, users stores their digital identity data in an encrypted digital hub. So, users have control of their data and info. In a world where votes are mandatory, blockchain makes sure their no fraud. The casted votes are presented using a tamper-proof feature which makes it very difficult to hack the voting system. Therefore, this brings voting stations to the comfort of their homes.

Other use cases of blockchains include:

  • Notary
  • Food Safety
  • Intellectual Property
  • Energy Market
  • Real Estate

Blockchain Healthcare

A public digital ledger is both clear and anonymous to all. Every digital transaction is recorded and displayed, but the identity of those doing the transactions remains not known. Thus, this blockchain technology’s unique quality may show useful for quite a number of blockchain use cases. Blockchain is used in healthcare in several and different scenarios. Patients’ hospital records remain confidential no matter what. The majority of countries have different regulations in line with patient details. Composite private and reporting necessities make the medical sector a proverbial minefield by many healthcare.

Nonetheless, blockchain’s inbuilt benefits regarding private and user access may reduce these challenges. Blockchain is used in healthcare to safeguard data security against patients’ records. A major change to security and privacy is of concern in healthcare fields. As lots of patient’s documents were being hacked and costing hospitals huge losses due to lawsuits. Contrary to ancient databases, patients now have control of their records and any alteration to patient records can be easily traced. Therefore, Techmind Solutions is the leading IT Solutions offering blockchain in Dubai, UAE.

Blockchain Healthcare
Smart Contracts

Blockchain Smart Contracts

The smartest thing ever to be offered by blockchain is the ability to get rid of intermediaries. Blockchain introduced smart contract implementation. Thus, dealing with cryptocurrencies don’t require a centralized bank. This applies to medical records as well. There is no need to have complex systems and staff to coordinate messages between medical facilities. Before the dawn of blockchain, everything needed an intermediary. For a company to buy anything, there should be a lawyer to draw a contract. Now with the coming of blockchain technology, there is no need for a singer to have a lawyer to word and enforce a contract. Thus, after the contract has been generated, the code is distributed to all machines and computers running blockchain.

Blockchain Supply chain

The logistics platform aids enterprises in safely controlling the progress of their shipped goods, information on their drivers and shipped materials, and control payments. Block Array also presents smart contract processing technology and safe document management. Using blockchain for supply chain,  from the moment a consignment departs the premise to the time it gets to its destination, the supply chain ecosystem securely tracks and records every move to develop a clear ledger. Therefore, at Techmind Solutions, we make sure that we help you reduce your costs and improve your operational efficiencies. We are the leading IT Solutions and IT Services in Dubai and we are proud of the finest solutions. We have all the blockchain in the supply chain industry.

Blockchain Supply Chain

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