Use Call Recording Solutions for ease of recording and archive your calls. Backup your calls in cloud, on-premise, and cloud-based solutions.

Call center solutions are the best option for companies that receive huge volumes of phone calls. Such companies with call centers ought to have a powerful and robust call recording solution. An effective call recording solution improves customer service delivery. If you are in Dubai and facing challenges in handling your calls, then, this is the right time for you. Techmind Solutions as the leading IT Solutions provider in Dubai and the UAE is ready to help you. Our solutions help businesses to grow. Since we specialize in various IT solutions which include cloud solutions, call center solutions, IP PBX systems among others, we have experienced engineers. We help you with call recording system installation, configuration, and support. We provide fix and supply solutions. Techmind Solutions is among call recording solutions providers in Dubai and across the UAE.

Call Recording Solution

Call center recording solutions

Communication is one of the most critical issues in any organization. No matter the behavior of your clients, they are always correct. It is important that you secure your conversation with your customers in case of a need in the future. Nowadays, due to hacking and natural disasters, companies ought to have their records stored online or on the cloud for reference. So, your business requires a call center solution with a call recording capability. This is so that it will withstand any glitches that may arise in the future. Most call recording systems have a centralized call recording solution for ease of management and control. In addition, most solutions are excellent for cloud and hosted environments. Companies should have call recording solutions if they handle huge data that require proper processing. A call recording solution must have three mandatory modes to function effectively.


Why Call Recording Solutions?

A call recording system has many benefits. An ideal system should be able to all calls automatically. This reduces the chances of missing any crucial call. Automatic recording implies auto logging of calls and this improves customer service. Due to their On-Demand feature, phone call systems are able to record specific conversations that require recording. In addition, they have Live Keep modes which allow the call recorder to start recording a call automatically at any time during the phone call and make it registered from the beginning. These three main features make it easier to track the calls.

Why Call Recording
Data Analytics

Analyze and improve agent performance.

Make use of a call recording system to solve customer grievances with transparency. Identify areas of improvement and organize for training to boost their skills in customer experience. Advanced call recording pushes service to the next level. If you believe in retaining your customers, then think about investing in a call center system. A lot of these call recording solutions have analytics where you can get a clear picture of what’s happening in the organization. Due to the features and its ability to check performance from the reports, supervisors can analyze operator performance in order to deliver excellent service. There is an extra layer of security since all recordings are encrypted. Companies are able to pick between automatic recording or on-demand depending on their privacy policy and compliance issues.

Benefits of Call Recording

  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Right Pricing

A call recorder system makes it easier for companies that require call records either for critical services with legal requirements. Some need call recorders for call center agent training and keeping of crucial calls. Almost all call recording systems are not difficult to use as they have clear manuals on how to operate. Apart from the user guide, call center recording systems to allow for the easier identification of the operator training. When the recordings are replayed or when there is a grievance with the customer, it is easier to identify the challenge and organize training for the pieces of training. Gap analysis is easier through using call center solutions. Also, call centers are customized systems as per business needs. There is no one system that fits all. Each company has different requirements from the other. Thus, pricing is affordable considering that you purchase what you need.

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