Purchase client access licenses (CLAs) for the Exchange on-premise. Get your Microsoft Exchange Server license today. Don’t lose your access to the mail server and calendaring due to non-subscriptions

Nowadays, communication has shifted from traditional ways of writing letters. As the world shifts towards being a global village, so is everyone. The majority of companies and businesses are embracing technology. Although there are a few ones left out, the number is minute. Electonic mails, as they are widely known are an important part of any communication. They are crucial in the business exchange of information. If a business wants to survive, there is a need to have formal communication to build and entrust confidence in buyers. Therefore, as we journey in this global community, it’s fundamental to have emails. Microsoft came up with an Exchange server in the late 1990s. This was developed to serve as a storage of our emails. Techmind Solutions provides exchange on-premise license solutions and servers for your needs.

Enterprise On Premise

Exchange On-premise Licenses

As days passed by,  so is technology. There are various emails available including Gmail from Google, yahoo, outlook, and many others. To get access to your email servers, you need to have a subscription running. Microsoft designed all solutions according to your business requirements. We know that there is Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Exchange On-premise servers. At Techmind Solutions, we are IT Solutions and provide various services under one roof. Our services are not Microsoft Exchange on-premise only. We are providers of leading IT services, video conferencing, cloud solutions, and security among others. Thus, if you are looking for any of the above-mentioned services, talk to us throw this form. 

Microsoft Exchange On-premise

A license is a key to any IT services available online or offline. If your business wishes to continue using Microsoft products and services including servers, then they should consider purchasing a key. What’s this key? Well, it’s a simple subscription that is paid in different forms.

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All IT systems and solutions around the globe use licenses for access. The licenses depend on your needs and usage. Some of the licenses are once-off while others are paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending. If you are looking for a Microsoft Exchange On-premise license, we are here for you. Don’t let your services be halted because of licensing issues. Get all the features your business requires. Therefore, if you are looking for a license, it’s very easy. You need to provide us with your requirements and we provide you with a quotation free of charge.  Every license depends upon the number of users among other factors.

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As the leader in providing IT Solutions and services, we have a strong team of IT experts. Our team consists of IT engineers, server engineers, and project managers. If you are not sure of the IT services you require, our team will help you for free. Thus, we are available 24/7  and have a presence across Dubai.

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