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The future of data belongs to the innovative and those that are able to take a step ahead. As data forms the critical part of  any business, companies ought to seek volatile data driven solutions. Therefore, we understand the definition of data driven. Some may ask why? Because of the Industrial revolution era that we are in, we live and so everything digital. Thus, data forms the major part of our DNA. At Techmind Solutions, we offer Hitachi Vantara in Dubai. Not only are we a leading IT Solutions provider. But, we also provide leading video conferencing solutions and other data driven solutions. Our main focus is providing you with the leading IT technologies that will help you realize ROI.

Hitachi Vantara Data Storage

Hitachi Vantara Storage

We assist a plethora of companies who understand the necessity of safeguarding their data to get the most out of it. As the majority of companies uses data-rich, we come in to offer data-driven solutions. The new, now and next solutions are here. Why data-driven is an important topic these days? Well, excellent data governance enhances customer trust and allows you to identify business efficiencies, bring and aid customer experience. Hitachi Vantara storage offers you the best data governance that you require.

Hitachi Vantara Data Storage and Analytics

As big data becomes an interesting topic is today’s businesses, so should companies adapt. Hitachi Vantara offers data storage and data analytics. However, not only does it offer software, there are some hardware as well. You can get more about Hitachi Vantara solutions and services for businesses. The are some companies that have huge volumes of data and have no idea on how to go about it. We are here to help you with data analytics solutions.

Hitachi Vantara – Cloud computing

How far have you gone with your cloud journey? We are here to help you with cloud solutions that meets your business needs. There are several cloud solutions and they are different requirements per organization. With the increasing need to be mobile, so is the accessibility of data. With cloud solutions, your employees are able to get access to data on the go. Gone are days when people used to access data from fixed points. Today, it has become very crucial to have access to data in transit. Employees should not wait to go to the office to start working. Actually, they should be able to work from any device and any location.

Hitachi Virtual Storage

Hitachi Virtual Storage Solutions

The majority of businesses are facing growing pressure to maintain customer interests and remain digital. In order for them to deliver these needs, they should change. Business should transform the way they handle information and its dissemination. The delivery of information should be faster and efficient. On the other hand, the infrastructure should be able to deliver reliability and offers simplicity usage.

Therefore, Hitachi Hybrid Flash Arrays helps in delivering faster data. If you organization is struggling with data reliability, then talk to us today. We specialize in big data solutions. Thus, no more compromise with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform. Although there are several data storage solutions, Hitachi is among the best virtual storage solutions.

Hitachi Global Storage Virtualization

With an VSP G series, both workloads are taken care of for higher consolidation and simplicity. For high performance files, the field-programable gate arrays are used. Also, for every files system that belong to a Hitachi Enterprise Virtual Server for NAS, the servers have independent IP addresses, policies and port assignments. The VSP G series delivers best-in-class efficiency. It also offers 100% data availability. The Hitachi Vantara also has Optimized Virtual Server Infrastructure. Businesses can choose from any of the mentioned solutions above.

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Data driven solutions is an interesting technology that most companies are looking. However, there are a few who doesn’t have an idea of what data driven can help their enterprises. If are looking for data solutions and you are not sure on which one might help you, then talk to us. You can submit your questions via this form. Our experts will be able to suggest and recommend the best solution for you. Get in touch with us:

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