Interactive technology solutions provider for smart thinking and interaction in Dubai. Broad-spectrum of solutions based on touch and voice available. Interactive smart learning and collaborations.

We are providing a broad spectrum of interactive technology solutions based on touch and voice. As the world revolves around technology, so are we. We know the importance of staying on top of the game and thus, we are bringing you smart interactive solutions. Nowadays people like convenient solutions that can retain their ROI. With that, we have various interactive technologies that await you. Great thinkers will need this solution to integrate with their creative thinking art. Schools can use our smart learning to deliver the lectures in a top-class manner.

Interactive solutions are readily available to any business from small businesses, medium businesses to large businesses. This solution favors those individuals and groups that think outside of the box. If you don’t like spending to much time preparing presentations and lessons, then this solution is specifically for you. Interactive technologies require minimal planning and preparation. With the rise in the need for real-time interaction, this solution was designed and created for a real-time experience that focuses on environmental stimuli and humans. Our interactive solutions cater to schools, homes, and any business.

Below we have presented the categories and areas we specialize in.

Interactive Collaboration

Interactive Display Solutions

Podium Solutions

Education Sectors

Smartboard Solutions

Video Conferencing

Cloud-Based Services

Apps Based and P2P

Standalone Based Systems

Video Conferencing solutions

Board Meeting Rooms

Wireless Presenters


Control Systems

Meeting & Boardrooms

Display Solutions

Digital Signage

Building Projection

Video Wall

Display Solutions

We work with a lot of leading brands for Interactive Solutions including AMX, Smarttech, LG,  3M Drivethru, 3M Whiteboards, Hello, Sennheiser, Etc

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