Unlock a great all-in-one video conference meeting experience with a Logitech Rally Bar Supplier in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, coming with an inbuilt AI technology.

Logitech is the among the leading all-in-one video conference solutions in the world. Packed with a powerful audio and AI technologies, it is among the best brands. Therefore, to bring convenience to its users, Logitech has all-in-one solutions for conferences. Yes, it is one of the undoubtedly best solution. Are you asking yourself questions on how to get this solution? Techmind Solutions is a certified distributor of Logitech Rally Bar Supplier in Dubai. With over a decade experience is leading technology solutions, we got you.

Our video conferencing solutions works perfectly in any meeting room despite the shape or size. Understanding that our clients have different meeting setups, Logitech made products that work in any environment. In addition, Logitech products can be used as freehold or manually. All this depends on an individual. Having AI technology allows the Logitech to be connected wirelessly and remotely. Thus, Logitech is the best solution for any business.

Logitech Rally Bar

All-In-One Video Rally Bar for Medium and Large Rooms

Discover a remarkably one of the best and simple all-in-one video conferencing setup. It comes with brilliant optics, AI-based audio, remote management with Logitech Sync, and more. If your organization is medium to large, then this is the best solution. However, the company may be small but, with a huge number of people in the meeting. If that’s the scenario, then, a Logitech Rally Bar is the way to go. Interestingly, Logitech Rally has a Rally family for different needs. Thus, the solutions are available for everyone.

Logitech Rally Bar Mini Supplier Dubai

Have you been looking for a video conferencing solution for a small space? Well, Techmind Solutions in partnership with Logitech brings your all the meeting solutions. Thus, if you require any solution, you are at the right place. We have Logitech Rally Mini for the small to medium rooms. This means they accommodate between 2 and 8 people in a room. No matter the size of the room, always have tidy spaces. Thus, with Logitech Rally mini, you can uncover an exceptionally straightforward video conferencing solution featuring outstanding optics, AI-driven audio enhancements, seamless remote management through Logitech Sync, and additional advanced features.

Logitech Rally Bar Mini Features

Just like any other Logitech products, Rally Bar mini allows participants to see each other in the meetings. The rally family consists of different products such as Rally Plus, Rally Camera, etc.


Allows an addition of up to three Mic Pods for a powerful conversation. This allows audio pick up from a range.

Rally Mini

Monitor room and device health, release updates, and adjust settings, all from a single cloud-based platform

Seen By Everyone

Through its AI technology, there is modern sound pick up, and noise cancellations for a better meeting experience

Logitech Rally Bar Huddle Supplier  in Dubai

The interesting thing about Logitech is its ability to design products that fits any space. With online meetings becoming more popular due to technological adoption, Logitech has an all-in-one solution for every business. Thus, despite the room size or capacity, Logitech has the products for each and every business.

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