Enjoy a Memorable Meeting Experience with a Logitech Rally Plus in Dubai

Logitech Rally Plus is the best seller video conferencing solution. This is a solution most suitable for large to extra-large conference meeting rooms. As a premium brand it is, Logitech rally plus offers exceptional meeting experience. It boosts a best-in-class optics and audio. Techmind Solutions is a Logitech  rally plus certified seller in Dubai, united Arab Emirates and other video conferencing solutions. For companies that have bigger auditoriums or conference meeting rooms, this solution is the best. If you are not sure of the solutions you require, you can connect with us and we offer free consultation.  

Rally Plus video conferencing solution is among the best meeting solutions. It offers flexible deployments, installations and allows integration with the leading video conferencing platforms and remote management. The ability to remotely control a system is always a necessity as more and more people are meeting virtually.

Remove barriers to collaboration and ensure conference rooms are ready for the next meeting. Logitech has a Select service plan that is beneficial for all room sizes and deployments. In addition, you can optimize uptime with expert assistance within one hour, get fast product replacements, and take advantage of premium Sync functionality to proactively resolve issues before they impact your business. Thus, when you choose Select, we help you to reduce daily management, optimize performance, and help you maximize your investment. Having the right solution for your work is the best.

Rally Family
Rally plus

Logitech Rally Family in Dubai

Logitech has different products for meetings. It has unique and amazing features to ensure you enjoy the meeting. There is a solution is for every business or individual. Thus, Logitech Rally made a family solution to support all business sizes. There are solutions for small, medium, huddle, larger and extra large meeting rooms. Every user will choose a solution depending on their needs. Through the technologies used by Logitech, it’s easier to use the Rally Family. So, the Logitech rally family is a plug and play appliance based conference solutions in every room.

It can be used with any external output display. Depending on the choice you select, you are good to go. Thus, Logitech has products everywhere and in every location of the world. The products brings people together seamlessly. They provide the best Ultra-HD Conference Camera system, Logitech Bar, Logitech mini, Premium PTZ camera, and desktop video conferencing solution. Thus, these solutions are enough for business continuity. People are easily connecting and discuss from all corners of the world. They have complete room solutions from which make it possible for participants to quickly kick off and run a video conference meeting.

Logitech Rally Supplier in Dubai

Techmind Solutions is the leading IT solutions company in Dubai, UAE. With over 12 years of existence in Dubai, we are among the leading IT solutions and video conferencing suppliers. We have been trusted to resell Logitech products in Dubai. Again, not only did Logitech put its trust on us but other leading video conference solutions like Barco Clickshare, Polycom, Yealink, etc. Thus,  if you operate a business in the United Arab Emirates and need a boardroom solution, don’t hesitate to contact us. We house all the Logitech products from Logitech Ultra Camera, Logitech Mini, Logitech Bar, etc.

logitech rally family

Everyone is Seen and Heard

Logitech allows everyone is the room to be heard and seen. Thus, using its technology for the Logitech camera, participants are able to appear on the screen automatically through voice and motion detection. When you link the two: Logitech RoomMate, and Rally Plus unlocks AI video intelligence and continuous software improvements to provide a clear and natural meeting experience for remote workers.


Let’s Explore Logitech Rally Family

This is an all-in-one video conferencing solution. It brings all the products and solutions under one roof. This makes it easier for businesses to have seamless meetings. Rally Family encompasses the following products:

  1. Rally Bar
  2. Bar Mini
  3. Rally Bar Huddle
  4. Rally Plus

Each of these products work in different scenarios. It’s always good to know the requirements before buying the solution. If the meeting room is small, then not all of the above products will be ideal. Therefore, talking to an expert will save you more.

Application areas of Rally Family Products

Before buying any Logitech Rally product, you ought to have full details concerning the meeting space they cover. Thus, it’s mandatory to have information that helps you decide. Logitech offers products for everyone and every shape and size of a room. However, it’s critical to know where to use each of the products. Thus, the information below will help you know where to use Rally. If your meeting is fairly small, its wiser to buy a solution for the same.

Rally Bar Rally Plus Rally Bar Huddle Rally Bar Mini
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