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It is the leading email archiving solution for small and medium-sized businesses with versions above 10. Mailstore server is heavily field-tested and it offers highly integrated storage technology and doesn’t require an external database such as SQL Server. This server supports almost all relevant email systems giving a flexible archiving solution. The server can be installed right out of the box within a few minutes. It offers a low purchasing price which makes this email server attractive for small companies as well. We are delighted to be the biggest supplier of Mailstore Server in Dubai. There are various advantages of using mailstore to your organization. Let’s look at the reasons and benefits of the mailstore server in detail below. Companies ought to understand the benefits associated with having an email archiving solution. Therefore, let’s see why companies should have this server.

Mailstore Server Archiving

Why Mailstore server?

Emails pose various challenges to the IT administrators if they are not well managed. Businesses are faced with the challenges of meeting a growing number of regulations on email compliance and other legislation. The steadily increasing amount of emails put a strain on email servers and result in increasing server costs that can exceed IT budgets rapidly. The growing volume of email makes backup and restoration of email servers in a given time increasingly difficult.

Additionally, the IT department’s restoration of end-user emails is costly in terms of time for end-user productivity, since comfortable access to the emails is critical. Often emails stored in external clouds, outside of one’s control, and without a local backup.

Legal Compliance with Mailstore Server

Mailstore server helps organizations meet compliance requirements for email including data retention and discovery, controlled-access data, and policy enforcement. The comprehensive technology concept mailstore server ensures the completeness of the archiving with the archive itself being a temper-proof.

Mailstore Server Archiving

Mailstore | Total Protection Against Data Loss

The technical malfunction resulting in data loss can be normally restored from a backup. Emails also get lost every day without any email backup being up to prevent this. Users are deleting emails from the mailbox and sooner they will not be part of any backup. Mailstore server provides a simple solution where all emails can be archived as soon as it’s received or sent i.e. before they arrive in the end-user mailbox.

Additionally, all existing emails can be archived in a single step. Another risk in this regard is .pst files since these files are kept in different locations that are not part of any backup. Thus, the usage of a mailstore server makes it easily archived centrally and permanently. Techmind is your trusted partner in mailstore server in Dubai and across the UAE. We have email archive experts who are readily available to assist you with email archiving and retention.

An ever-increasing amount of email

For most companies end-user emails are still a primary communication medium, therefore, data volume on the email server increase accordingly and so is the storage requirement. Thus, the server offers a simple solution to this challenge. The archiving solution can be configured so that emails are being deleted from the mailbox after they have been archived successfully. This allows the workload of the mailbox to be maintained at a lower level. Of course, end-users will still have access to the emails via the archived emails. So, we recommend that you have this solution to your organization. Get the best archiving solution from the leading supplier of the mailstore server in Dubai.

A decrease in email workload with Mailstore Server

Reducing the amount of data to be backed up on the email server also reduces the time necessary for backup and restore. Mailstore permanently reduces the time lost due to backup and restoration. With the mailstore server, end-user can restore emails that were accidentally deleted back into the mailbox by themselves with a single click.

Mailstore Server Workloads

The need to restore email backups by the IT department becomes a thing of the past. Users can respond to archived emails without the need to restore them first. Mailstore offers all users a single click restore function to achieve this.

Mailstore Server – Increased end-user production

It offers faster retrieval of email attachments, it allows searching huge volumes of data within seconds. Additionally, end-user access is possible by the original folder structure as well. End users can save the original path such as outlook integration. Elimination of productivity blockages through workload reduction.

So, since you are reading this thread, we assume you are looking for an archiving solution. We, as Techmind Solutions, specializes in mailstore server  in Dubai. We are the leading IT support and IT solutions company in Dubai specializing in a variety of IT products and services. Also, we have other email archiving solutions readily available to all our customers. Such archiving includes veritas enterprise vault cloud email archiving.

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