Leading Revolabs Digital Wireless Microphone System! Grab Yours in Dubai Today. High-quality audio environments from the 1.9 GHz DECT Technology.

Revolabs uses an advanced technology known as DECT technology which is 1.9 GHz. This technology has high bandwidth audio from various wireless microphones. This enables crystal clear, reliable, un-tethered communications in different scenarios. Situations such as recording, audio/video conferencing, speech recognition, VOIP communications, and sound re-enforcement environments. This can include other environments that require clear audio capture well. If you are one of those who prioritize quality over quantity, then Revolabs is for you. Techmind Solutions is your best partner, as we are Revolabs wireless microphone resellers in Dubai. Whenever you are having a meeting, you ought not to compromise your audibility to the listeners.

Therefore, quality is needed no matter the geographic distance, room size, or the number of participants. With Revolabs, it doesn’t matter if you are having your meeting in an auditorium, small room, huddle space, or sports stadium, you are covered in any setup that you might have. We are proud to offer all solutions under one roof. As the leading IT solutions in Dubai, we provide top of the range solutions from Artificial intelligence, edge computing, audiovisuals, UHD Austere cables, and display screens under one roof. So, if you are looking for any other IT solution, visit Techmind Solutions.

Revolabs Executive Hd

Revolabs Executive Elite | Yamaha

We have solutions for every business. Just contact us so that we understand your needs and propose a solution for you. Don’t let your conference meeting become a nightmare because of poor audio. We have optimized Revolab wireless microphone systems from video carts and small conference rooms, large board meeting rooms to auditoriums. Our wireless microphone is most suitable for conferences where your voice needs amplification. It can be used to record lectures, voice amplification, and in aiding clear video conferencing with systems specialized to your space. These wireless mics use a plug-and-play method. It’s very easy to set up, operate and it gives superior High Definition (HD) sound quality which makes it a great option for many applications. We have solutions for USB mics as well. We have UAS audio kit (SKU 01-USBAUD).

Developed for the world’s most demanding scenarios, the Revolab Executive Elite wireless microphone systems offer tremendous power and flexibility. It has the ability to connect up to 44 microphones in various countries including the US, South America, and Japan, and up to 76 microphones in the rest of the world. It’s very easy to link with room control systems, the Executive Elite relies on 256-bit encryption that automatically rekeys every few minutes for optimal security.

Revolabs Dual Channel Wireless Microphone

The Revolabs High Definition Single and Dual Channel Wireless Microphone Systems have HD audio, 50 Hz to 14 kHz. These frequencies enable the systems to pick up the full human voice spectrum. They are a unique marriage of innovative technology and ergonomic design, employing Multi-Carrier Time Division Multiple Access and Time Division Duplex (MC/TDMA/TDD) radio transmissions both to and from the microphone. TDMA technology allows these wireless microphones to co-exist with other wireless products such as wireless LANs (802.11b&g) and includes digital encryption technology to ensure secure communications.

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Smart Innovations in Conference Meetings

As technology is changing in all the fields, so is speech. Artificial intelligence changes the way we do business and communicate. Nowadays, people are able to communicate to a large audience due to the use of different mediums. Techmind Solution is a partner of Revolabs (Yahama) which provides the best wireless microphones for conferences, lectures, and all presentations. Through our wireless mics, you are able to enjoy clear, high-quality sound everywhere you need to hold a meeting. Our solutions are engineered with industry-leading speech technology. There are various conference solutions and mics in the market nowadays, it’s difficult to differentiate between them. Some businesses are good with wired microphones whilst others are struggling. Thus, Revolabs (Yahama) has various solutions for you to choose from. If you are in need of a wired or wireless, everything is available according to your needs. Our solutions cater to all businesses from small to large. Shopping around for your conference microphones is now easier. We offer a wide range of integrated systems that capture and reproduce stunning sound, without compromise. All your conference need is taken care of. If you are not sure of what’s best for you, then let us know and we will assist you accordingly.

Revolab Wireless Microphone Systems | All-In-One Conference Solutions

Yahama provides a complete suite for all your conference meeting. From conference phones, speakers, microphones, etc.  Revolabs provides solutions that are compatible with your software. Software that is compatible with Revolab solutions is Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, BlueJeans, etc. Meanwhile, the Executive HD conference microphone systems are compatible with a wide range of wireless microphones. For example, your team can use a mix of wearable, directional tabletop, omnidirectional tabletop, and hybrid models. Choose a 4- or 8-channel model with optional 256-bit MaxSecure encryption, and place the microphones in the convenient charging dock. And if you’re looking for cordless microphones on a smaller scale, the HD Wireless microphone system offers stunning audio quality in a slim form factor. It’s available in a single-, dual-channel, or rack-mounted dual design.

Revolab Speaker

Conference Phone

Wireless Mic

Wireless Mic

Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone

Microphone System

Microphone System

Why you need an FLX UC 500 Conference Phone?

Nowadays due to technology changes and needs, the business ought to have impressive phone systems.

  • Individual acoustic echo cancellation per microphone
  • Full-duplex audio
  • Comfort noise fill
  • Allows Noise filter
  • Mini USB 2.0 audio connection
  • Available in Black or White
  • Zoom Certified

Yamaha offers an all-in-one conference solution. Intensify all the aspects of audio managing with Revolab wired conference phone. It’s exactly manufactured for conference rooms, huddle meeting rooms, and any size offices. Lastly, wired connoisseurs will find a lot to enjoy about our tabletop and gooseneck microphones. These Yamaha/Revolab mics and speakers are set an impressive standard for signal-to-noise ratios, while they are easy to use. Revolab wireless meeting conference room kits can be used with wired microphones, so our customers can enjoy the best of both worlds. We always strive to offer the best that no other competitor offers.

Being on this page until this end means you are interested in our products. We are here if you have questions. Reach out to us using our form for additional questions that might not be answered in this thread. If you are ready to elevate your conference solution to a world-class microphone system, then reach out to us.

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