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Techmind Solutions offers an unsurpassed Ubiquiti range of products for the finest performance of the business. Due to our respect and value, we owe to our customers, we make sure we deliver uncompromised Ubiquiti solutions to them. Because of this, we are among the leading and top suppliers of Ubiquiti in Dubai and across the UAE. Through our committed workforce, we guarantee you preeminent prices for the Ubiquiti products and solutions. Therefore, this makes us be the most trusted Ubiquiti network supplier. In addition, we specialize in a variety of Ubiquiti products and solutions. Some of the products are penned below.

Unifi Wifi

Uap Ac Pro Small 2x


Security Gateways

Usg Pro 4 Group Small 2x




Unifiswitch Small@2x



Remote Management

Usg G2 Small 2x



Remote access has always been something needed in the now way of doing business. Therefore, through the UniFi controller of the Ubiquiti technology, it allows the management of various wireless networks using a web browser. Solutions such as the meeting and boardrooms depend on connectivity. Thus, an UniFi controller can be referred to as a network management software solution that comes from Ubiquiti. It allows you to manage several wireless networks via a web browser. Hence, these ubnt solutions can be used in meeting rooms and anywhere where wireless connectivity is required. Irrespective of allowing access via a web browser, some technology such as IP phones can utilize this technology.

Products and solutions from top Ubiquiti supplier in Dubai- Techmind Solutions

The products that we supply have dissimilar prices. For this reason, it makes it easier for your business to adopt any of the products as we cater for all.

The Ubiquiti Devices

  • Ubiquiti Access Points
  • Ubiquiti Routers
  • Switches
  • Wireless bridges
  • Ubiquiti controller

Ubiquiti Switches

The Ubiquiti switch offers a variety of switches. Among them are:

  • Unifi switch
  • Edgerouter
  • Unifi security gateway
  • Edge switch
  • Toughswitch

Many technologies nowadays depend on a wireless connection. Technologies such as video walls, home automation, AMX solutions, and most AI-driven technologies.  In addition, there are other technologies such as Drive-thru that uses a wireless connectivity solution.

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