Leveraging on Low RTPO with Veeam Backup Solutions Across Dubai, UAE

Are you looking forward to recovering lost data within a few minutes? Consider using the Veeam Backup solution. It has a comprehensive business continuity plan of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). The delivery of DRaaS makes it easier for image replication to transpire on all devices across total applications. If your objective is to have a low recovery time and point objectives (RTPO)  by using an exceptional service, Techmind Solutions have you covered. We all know the importance of organizational data or individual data. No matter the scenario, no one is willing to lose their data. Thus, with Veeam Backup, it is possible to recover your data within 15 minutes.

Veeam Backup Solution

Veeam Backup and Recovery Solutions

The number ransomware eliminator is Veeam Backup. We all know that accidents happen anytime when no one is prepared. So, what happens in case you don’t have the most powerful Backup? Well, it’s pretty easy. Without a comprehensive backup plan, all your data will be lost. Although there are some other backup solutions, however, the recovery period differs. We all need a solution that is easier to utilize. Thus, with Veeam, your recovery time is limited to less than 15 minutes. Veeam is the number 1 backup and recovery solution any business should quench to have. It’s the largest and global leader in backup and recovery solutions. Again, it provides data management solutions that offer modern data protection. Thus, if you are looking for a Veeam Backup in Dubai, look for further than us.

Modern Data Protection with Veeam

Veeam offers a one-stop shop for all your backup, recovery, and data management for cloud and virtual platforms. If you are dreaming of flexible, and simple to use backup solutions, then think of Veeam. It’s a powerful and reliable backup solution. It can be trusted. Just like Acronis backup and Nakivo, Veeam supports cloud storage and recovery.

Veeam Backup Modernization

Backup Modernization With Veeam

Move away from the traditional way of backing up your data. In this new era that we are in, make use of innovative backup systems. By abandoning your legacy backup solutions, there is a guarantee to access one of the newest solutions trends. Veeam modern backup solutions offer the ability to be free-tied-up expedient that will allow you to focus on key and innovative projects. Also, Veeam through its cloud data management allows your business to overcome digital transformation challenges.

Veeam Backup | DRaaS as easy as 1, 2, 3

A lot of organizations are struggling to deploy backup systems. This is mainly due to the fact that the products use disjointed solutions. They use a DRaas system which is separated from the complete data protection platform. Because of this disjoint, there is an unnecessary complexity that the backup creates. However, with the use of Veeam, it keeps everything simple and straightforward with the use of a single comprehensive platform that is OS agnostic. Thus, Veeam integrates seamlessly with present software and data center, hence, it’s fast, efficient, and easy to deploy.

Advanced Networking Capability? 

Cloud Connect offers state-of-art networking without difficult setup or VPN. Veeam is the only platform that integrates data replication with data recovery with networking connections. This approach removes the high cost of reconfiguring networks for Disaster Recovery testing and failover. Therefore, there is no need to license, learn or maintain third-party software.

Is Affordable Protection Your Concern?

Well, Veeam Cloud Connect lives and breathes business continuity strategy to those in need. Therefore, their customers remain focused on business, knowing their data is well taken care of in the cloud. In addition, they applaud the simplest licensing model with pay-as-you-go pricing models.

Veeam Backup Key Capabilities

  • Reliable Backup
  • Fast Recovery
  • Secure Replication
  • Cloud Portability
  • Smart Storage
  • Data Reuse

Why Techmind Solutions for a Veeam Backup in Dubai?

We are an authorized Veeam partner in Dubai, UAE. Our team has more than 2 decades of experience in backup and data recovery. Because of this, we are able to help you in choosing the best option suitable for your business free of charge. Again, we provide support throughout the deployment stages and after deployment support.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective backup and recovery solution, schedule a call with us. We are available via phone or email to discuss with you. 

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