Must Have — ZK Time Attendance Solutions in Dubai.

Why Should You Have a ZK Time Attendance At Your Company?

Reason being, it comes with most amusing solutions all-in-one.

So, here is the thing. Our Time and Attendance Solution comes with amazing integrated solutions. Our solutions comes with endless and seamless solutions. They range from time attendance, access control, entrance control, biometrics and a whole lot more. Know what time your employees are coming in and out. Days are gone when cards were used to gain entrance. With our time attendance solution, we make use of body parts recognition. Thus, no employee can ever cheat your system. Available in Dubai, we are a phone call away.

Thus, Biometrics comes with robust facial recognition. Also, there is fingerprint. All these forms the basis of bio metrics. In addition, our solution comes with ZK smart lock. Hence, you can request our free demo by contacting us.


Time and Attendance

It comes with hardware and software. We don’t have fixed pricing for everyone. So, the costs depend on your needs. We provide this solution across Dubai, UAE. Move over to the digital world where everything is done in real time.

How do we help you?

Techmind offers ZK Time and Attendance solution.

  • we deliver ZK Time Attendance software and do the installation.
  • We have biometric access for door controls system
  • Install face recognition based access control.

Access and Entrance Control Solutions.

Access control is a restriction that is put in place for security reasons. Why should have access control at your workplace. Data being one of the most valuable resource for an organization, there is need to protect it.

How can Access control protect Data?

By restricting physical access to the building, this will save your hardware that contains data from unauthorized access.



Matrix Bio metrics Attendance Solution

Through our solutions, we provide you with biometrics which include facial recognition and fingerprints. We strive to make sure your data management becomes easier. So, our face recognition comes with face recognition door access system and attendance solution.

With real time data management, your company is able to access data anytime and on any device on the go.

Similarly, biometric data can be reported by extracting the info in real time.



Why ZK Time and Attendance Solutions?

  • Access to date anytime and anywhere.
  • Real  time data accessibility.
  • No need for physical objects for recognition.
  • Generate reports in real time.
  • No unauthorized entrance.

Defining Access control.

What is Access Control?

Well! There are many definitions of Access control. Some people might have questions on “Why” Access Control?

Access control is security restriction on who should view some resources.

Do you want a Time and Attendance System?

Read more about the ZK Access Control Systems.

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