3M Drive-Thru System Dubai

A sound investment in customer satisfaction


Chances are the customers in your drive-through lane are hungry. And in a hurry. So, what should you do? The best way to keep them happy is to keep the line moving – by making sure they always get exactly what they ordered without delay. Advanced wireless drive-thru communications systems from 3M help ensure that you receive and understand customer in the first time around – improving your operational efficiency and building greater customer satisfaction.




Headset Systems

Making sure you hear and understand the customer orders – the first time and every time! 3M’s revolutionary headset designs deliver crystal-clear sound, to improve order accuracy and help maximize sales and improve customer satisfaction.




Accessories and Components

Reduce downtime, improve productivity and keep the lines of communication open! 3M accessories and components are designed for rugged dependability and ease of use – so your staff can concentrate on customer service, instead of their headsets.

Drive-Thru Headset Systems

Asking your drive-thru customers to repeat themselves because of poor sound quality can lead to delays, incorrect orders and mounting frustrations. Protect your reputation for customer service, while improving operational efficiency, with the crystal clear sound and rugged reliability of 3M™ Drive-Thru Headset and Intercom Systems. All are built to ensure years of dependable service, to help minimize downtime and reduce your costs.


Headset Systems


3M™ Drive-Thru System G5

Our newest drive-thru system delivers superior sound clarity and a host of productivity-enhancing features including dual-lane capability in one base station, modular headset design that allows DIY in-store repairs, smart battery technology, integrated storage and battery charging, vehicle detection lights and more.


Featured Product Packages

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Your drive-thru is the heart of your business. Handling orders with speed and accuracy is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business. That’s why you should turn to the proven reliability, digital clarity and stellar support of 3M™ Wireless Communication Systems. Therefore, as the leading IT Solutions provider in Dubai, UAE, we guarantee you the best. Get the best out of our unique solutions.

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