Face Recognition

Facial Recognition 

Security has been a rising concern nowadays. However, with the introduction of the new technology of biometric recognition, a lot of illicit deals have been plummeting. Most businesses have opted to have biometric access at their premises. Thus, Techmind Solutions is among the leading companies that provide biometric face recognition based attendance Solution. A  face recognition based attendance system ensures that every human who enters your building is to be identified with easy.

Real Time Analytics

Real-Time Video Alerts

An organization can use its existing infrastructure with our real-time alerts solution. The majority of our video alerts use CCTV solutions. Thus, there is no need to buy additional ones. These solutions allow a business to monitor and proactively respond to changes in its environment. Thus, it’s always good that a company has solutions that give it the right results. Video alerts allow you to balance the sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency of the business. Some organizations depend on the use of traditional ways of safeguarding their precious resources. No matter how secure these traditional video surveillance solutions might be, they don’t unlock all the capabilities that edge technology offers. Therefore, due to the fast-changing pace brought in by technology, companies should adapt to AI solutions.

People Count

People Counting Systems

Knowing the number of visitors and employees at your business premises in real-time is critical. Headcount the number of people in your business area with our people counting system. We provide people counting system solutions in Dubai, UAE. Let us do the work for you. Automated reporting solutions available at your convenient time. As the new normal has taken the world by storm, every business ought to adjust to this normal. With a human counting system, it’s possible to manage and maintain distance among customers for their safety.

Conveyor Belt (1)

Objects Counting Systems

Industry 4.0 automation and transformation journey is difficult in terms of recognizing reconciliable GMP compliant IT solutions for Manufacturing, and QC use cases to increase productivity and maintain operational excellence. Managed reporting for multiple departments and configuring desired information flow for relevant data points is also a challenge among various facilities. However, due to the dawn of Artificial Intelligence, it becomes easier to have automated reporting, identifying compatible compliant solutions in manufacturing, and other heavy and loaded businesses.

Vehicle Count

Vehicle Management System

Vehicle count and detection statistics in highway monitoring video scenes are of substantial importance to intelligent traffic monitoring and control of the highway. Congestion is a real challenge in our everyday lives. The majority of people face it daily when they are going to work. Not only is it felt by drivers, but it’s felt by everyone, So, what should be done? Well! Real-time vehicle counting and detection systems are becoming increasingly crucial in highway management. Nonetheless, due to various factors associated with vehicle sizes, their usage remains a problem.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

A VMS helps manage the flow of visitors into a company’s facilities or other locations. As visitors arrive, they can use a kiosk loaded with a VMS to self-register for a meeting or event. Visitor identification, such as a photo ID or business card, can also be scanned and checked against a watch list to increase security. Additionally, administrative personnel can use the solution to manage assets, such as keys and access cards assigned to visitors. Each item can be individually tagged to mitigate the risk of loss or theft.


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