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Carbonite Availability was previously known as the Double-Take replication server. It makes sure that there is minimal to no data loss. Carbonite Availability enables the copying of data from the source to the target destination. Therefore, Double-Take replicates a source server image known as the production server to a server known as the target server. A copy of the data is replicated in several directions. Replication takes place from a physical server to a physical server, or virtual to a physical server. Alternatively, there is virtual to virtual image copying of data. If you require the leading disaster recovery in and around Dubai, then a Double-Take replication server is the way to go. There are several benefits of using this DR replication server.

If the production fails for any reason, either known or unknown, an image of the source or production server data is used, kept on the target repository server, to make a new source fast and easy. Since data traverse through all directions, so is the replication. An image of the production server can either be data itself or carry data and the production server system’s state. Likewise, the system state includes configured OS and its installed applications.

Double Take Server

Double-Take Availability

Are you worried about the operating system that you are using? Double Take replication server works well with various OS including Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. Data have different priorities for any organization. Some are vital whereas others are not. So, the duty of Carbonite Availability is to ensure that high-valued systems are continuously available to the users and system applications that rely on it. Double Take diminishes server downtime from days, minutes, and hours to minutes if not seconds.

Double-Take Replication

Carbonite Availability software duplicates any virtual, physical, and any cloud workload to a secondary target. If there is an interruption of the services, users are redirected to that secondary target. Double-Take gives organizations the option to choose between protecting full data or protecting critical and vital data for the company. Thus, Double Take allows businesses to save money and time. Businesses are able to plan, prioritize, and save costs. Carbonite has the best-tailored solutions for organizations according to what their priorities are. Organizations have different needs according to their business nature.

Some companies have operations that can tolerate a 30 minutes downtime, whilst others can’t stand 10 seconds downtime. So, if you one of those companies with critical environments and systems that can’t tolerate any downtime, then the Double-Take disaster recovery solution is the perfect solution for you. If it’s Windows servers, Carbonite Availability mirrors and replicates files and data that is stored on an NTFS Windows file system. Carbonite Availability gives an up-to-date duplicate of your working environment without the need to tax the key system. Thus, the mirrored and replicated files include Mac files, compressed files, NTFS and ACLs (access control list), and dynamic volumes among others. Files can be mirrored and replicated across mount points, although mount points are not created on the target.

Carbonite Migrate | Carbonite Recover

The amazing news is that Carbonite allows you to migrate your data from an any-to-any platform making sure that costs are diminished to the minimum. The any to any migration is necessitated by the zero to minimal downtime. This carbonite migration allows you to replicate and migrate your data in real-time. Therefore, Carbonite Migrate allows you to experience IT Agility.

Carbonite Migration

Carbonite offers a DRaaS that makes sure your data isn’t lost in case of an interruption. Through the use of push-button disaster recovery, no data is lost as critical systems are replicated and sent to the cloud for storage. Thus, when a disaster strikes your Datacenter, data is quickly retrieved from the cloud. Carbonite recovery provides efficiency to the organization as they don’t need to struggle to get their data backup.

Carbonite Availability Dubai

It makes sure that you remain available online 24/7 without any downtime. It allows continuous replication and backup of data to avoid any failover. Critical business systems are kept available to prevent data loss on Windows and Linux servers. This continuous mirroring and replication technology keeps an updated copy of the working environment. Carbonite Availability guarantees you the following benefits:

  • Push-button failover
  • Near-zero downtime
  • Virtually no data loss

Do you have critical operating environments that can not stand any second of downtime? If you have critical systems and applications that don’t survive a downtime, then this solution is for you. Techmind Solutions gives you the best Double-Take replication solution in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates. More information can be found on carbonite availability.

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