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What is Data Center Shifting or Data Center migration? The process of physically removing your current working IT assets from your operating environment to another new location. Shifting of the equipment should be done without any loss of data. The migration of a data center may be from one room to the next within the same floor or building. Again, the data center can be moved from one building to another building. All of these scenarios are referred to as data center shifting. There are a number of things that need to be put into consideration such as future spacing, air ventilation, power load capabilities, data center monitoring systems, among many others. Techmind Solutions is among the leading companies that are providing datacenter migration services in Dubai.

Thus, before shifting your IT assets from your current operating environment to the new physical location, do justice to yourself by answering these few questions:

  • What is the new location like?
  • Why is the new location better than the current place?
  • Do you require additional cabling or networking equipment?

Your IT assets include servers, firewalls, routers, UPS among others. These assets need special care as they contain data that is critical to your organization. Even if employees are working from home these days, they still need access to the resources in the data center. So, in order not to halt your processes and operations, you need experts who can handle the data center migration. Remote work should not be affected, the same way physical work can’t be compromised.

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After knowing the answers to the posed questions above, you are in the position to decide accordingly. So, now that you have found the answers to your questions and you are ready to shift your data center to the new location, you need to do a few things again. When you are planning to move to the next place, you ought to arrange a proper shutdown and de-installation, installation, shipping preparation and have a thorough testing plan in place.

Above all, you need to ask yourself about the insurance options that you have. In case you didn’t have data center insurance cover, just ride to your current insurance or self-insure your assets.

However, it is encouraged to have insurance to cover the value of the assets being moved. In most scenarios, vendors provide insurance, however, insurance from the vendor is very expensive. On the other hand, there is insurance that the mover guarantees you, again, this insurance is not safe.

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Do the needful before Data center migration

A company should plan according to before looking for companies that do data center shifting. Careful planning and having procedures to follow during the data center relocation minimizes the risks associated with hardware and software failures. There are a lot of risks when a data center is being shifted to a new place. Failures happen during transit. There are also risks due to improper cabling, these failures may affect the hardware or software. So, it’s mandatory to pay attention to pertinent issues such as time zones, taking time to confirm with the delivery truck timeframe, reconfirming that the team or company responsible for your data center migration has understood the project plan. Many project failures are due to a misunderstanding of the requirements.

If your organizational strategy includes purchasing or leasing the same servers for the new data center location, a relocation is preferred. So, data migration is the transfer of data from one system to the other or from one storage device to the other. But data center migration refers to the shifting of physical equipment from one location to the other due to various reasons. Among other reasons is security. When the data center has been shifted, keeping your current data center operating can offer an organization a staging or disaster recovery site. A migration will offer your business the opportunity to build and test your new data center environment.

Data Center Shifting Project Plan

Before a data center is shifted, there are a lot of things that should be put in place. There is a need to have a project execution plan. This plan will assist the company in need of data center migration services. A project plan should include among others:

  • List of resources and data for the execution: assign members with relevant tasks and their completion date.
  • Identify prerequisites: the detailed plan is mandatory as it avoids delays in the execution process. Prerequisites should be identified long before the commencement of the project. If they are identified late, this normally leads to delays. After you have agreed that you need to move your data center to a new location, this should be confirmed well ahead with the contracting company. The software and hardware for the new environment should be known and tested. Hardware such as data center monitoring systems should be out in place, remote console access should be available for both environments and space of the new data center area.
  • Assign a project manager: have an individual who will be in touch with the contracted company to check progress through holding weekly meetings to check the progress of the project.

After you have done all these things, you are assured that there will not be any delay and failures. A data center relocation project like any other project requires a proper execution plan and project members who are committed.

Techmind Solutions and Datacenter Migration

Techmind Solutions has been a player in providing IT solutions in Dubai and across the United Aran Emirates. Not only are we providers of IT systems, support, and services. We are also a giant dealing with datacenter migration services in Dubai. Although there are other big players in the industry like Amazon, we are confident to provide excellent services to our 500+ clients across the globe.  We have an experienced and dedicated team to make your migration easier. With more than a decade of experience, we guarantee you the best service.

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