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When Digital Video Display Matters

Techmind Solution is the best place for all SMART Video Display Solutions in Dubai, UAE. No matter your budget, we have custom made solutions for every business. Supported by the best-in-class picture quality, our SMART displays bring creative ideas to life. As technology is changing at the speed of lighting, it’s best that your company adopt this new technology. Available, we have digital signage solutions available for you. Businesses that keep abreast with technology survive the heat in the marketplace. Display walls are the new things a business needs as customers require easier identification and better visualization of images and videos.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Dubai

Digital signage solutions have various applications in today’s industry. While others are using them to give information to their customers, some are taking advantage of digital Darwinism. They are adapting to the new way of marketing. Customers need some attractive videos, content, and images for them to buy your services. Therefore, at Techmind Solutions, we have the best digital signage solutions for you. We provide all types of video displays from interactive display solutions, bathroom TV solutions, and Indoor & Outdoor Screens. From standard displays to 3D Mapping video projections. Our team delivers professional touch on all types. With video displays, objects with bumpy shape can be turned into display surfaces for video projection. When this happens, be rest assured that your customers will be attracted to the visuals.

So, do you want your clients to identify your work quickly? Digital Signage Solutions aids in making your products visible to the intended customer. There are various display systems that can be used for displaying your products and services. Some prefer Plasma TV while others use LED screens. These LED screens can be from LG, Samsung, or any other brand. You can get the best digital signage solutions in Dubai, UAE.

However, all these solutions are an excellent way to market your brand. Nowadays, people are more responsive to visuals than texts. Thus, there is a great need to advertise your products. Not only are display solutions used for marketing, but they can also be used at airport terminals for information display. In sports stadiums, digital signages are used for both informative and showcasing products and services. Research shows that more people are buying after seeing visual ads.

Video Display Wall Solutions Dubai

Having your content look amazing from an angle is the ultimate goal for any business when using display solutions. There are various display solutions that are used to showcase products and services. There are different versions of LED display wall solutions. From a direct view LED video walls, QLED displays, indoor and outdoor window facing signage. These technologies are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and exceptional optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any position. Outdoor window-facing digital signages are built to withstand the harsh outside weather. No matter the weather, either stormy, rain, or sunshine, LED screens are built to stand.

Video Display

Customized Display Solutions

Our display solutions are highly customizable and offer multi-touch screen functionality. Thus, our customize can use either a remote to control the display or use touch screen. We offer the best solutions in digital displays. From LCD panels, rear-projection cubes to LED tiles. For use in any demanding environment according to your needs, the displays come in different sizes. The typical screen size has a diameter of 46 and 80. We have 65 inches to 86 inches. Display walls have different screen sizes depending on viewing distance. Additionally, the resolution is a matter of the wall size. We provide solutions from 2K video walls onwards.

Video Wall Dubai

As the leading IT Support and IT solutions provider in Dubai and across the UAE, we have all the solutions in one place. If you don’t have a budget to change your entire system solutions, we have Austere Cables that provide you with UHD resolution. These cables are waterproof and sun resistant. They can be used in indoor or outdoor services. In addition, we help you with the setup and configuration of the display solutions. From LED installations and setup to PA system integration with all your systems. Check out more information about LED display screen solutions.

Video Wall Suppliers in Dubai

Techmind Solutions is among the leading and biggest video wall suppliers in Dubai, UAE. With more than a decade of existence and well-trained video wall solutions experts, we guarantee you the best solutions. We provide video wall solutions in various industries and below are some of the sectors where digital signage and video walls can be used.

  • Control rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Airport Terminals
  • Demanding environments

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