Real-time Detection of Cars using Vehicle Counting System

Congestion is a real challenge in our everyday lives. The majority of people face it daily when they are going to work. Not only is it felt by drivers, but it’s felt by everyone, So, what should be done? Well! Real-time vehicle counting and detection systems are becoming increasingly crucial in highway management. Nonetheless, due to various factors associated with vehicle sizes, their usage remains a problem. This challenge affects the accuracy of vehicle counts directly. Thus, in order to address issues such as this, vehicle counting and detecting systems are there to ease the management of vehicles on the roads. Vehicle counting and detection use Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning concept. Techmind Solutions provide vehicle counting systems in Dubai, UAE.

Generally, the highway surface image is extracted and partitioned into areas by the newly proposed segmentation process. This is was improves vehicle detection. Through the use of Intelligent Solutions, a vehicle counting system makes the management of cars on the highway very easy. Just like a people counting system, a vehicle counting system uses existing infrastructure.

Vehicle Counting System

Automatic Vehicle Counting System using Deep Learning

A lot of people know how frustrating it is to delay on the roads because of traffic. It doesn’t matter the time of the day, it all remains the same. When a vehicle count is implemented, the management of traffic cars will be accurate. A vehicle counting system is possible when you want to identify the number of people passing through a certain point. As cars will be accelerating at different speeds, thus, makes it difficult to count them. However, with the use of an automatic vehicle counting system, it’s possible to count them all.

A company can use a vehicle counting system in their basement parking. It’s always mandatory to know the number of cars parked in your building parking space. This solution helps your clients to decide when they want to park. The system help is showing how many vehicles have parked in your space and how many slots are remaining.

Our Darsa Ai-enabled camera detects and counts the vehicles passing through an area and its direction. Therefore, this gives accuracy to the number of cars that will have passed through a certain point. Similarly, the counting system works with existing surveillance cameras of any brand. Thus, there is no need to spend money trying to have our intelligent vehicle counting system. The direction of the movement of the vehicles can be configurable as per user requirement w.r.t the area. Darsa Ai Platform supports in managing multilevel automated reporting

Vehicle Count

 Vehicle Count

Vehicle count and detection statistics in highway monitoring video scenes are of substantial importance to intelligent traffic monitoring and control of the highway. It has become a popular norm to install surveillance cameras for monitoring the situation. Generally, at a high angle, the vehicle object size normally changes significantly. When this transpires, the detection accuracy of a minute object at a distance in the road is low. The video is analyzed in as fast as 20 to 50 milliseconds to enable real-time surveillance alerts. The system works with existing surveillance cameras of any brand. Similar to objects counting, a vehicle count makes management easier.

Wrong-Way Vehicle Detection

It’s always mandatory that a driver should have knowledge about road coordinates and signs. However, not everything is so common as it appears. There are some drivers who are not afraid of bad driving. Thus, with a wrong-way vehicle detection, a vehicle in the wrong way is automatically identified. This makes it easier to find offenders. Visual verification of wrong-way vehicles using existing surveillance cameras. The Darsa Ai-enabled camera tracks and prevents wrong-way vehicles from entering the paths. All these alerts can be displayed on an LED Screen or your CCTV.

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