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Every business needs an enterprise IT infrastructure with as little cost as possible. As a business operator, you realize the potential that technology can add to your operation. Choosing the right service provider comes first. We have helped many businesses around UAE in their IT needs, We provide technology solutions for businesses that need an enterprise IT infrastructure with as little cost as possible.

Techmind provides custom business productivity solutions for businesses that require full collaboration with the lowest cost and overhead Possible.

  • Cloud & On-Premise IT Infrastructure
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup


An organization can use its existing infrastructure with the solution. The majority of our video alerts use CCTV solutions. Thus, there is no need to buy additional ones. These solutions allow a business to monitor and proactively respond to changes in its environment. Thus, it’s always good that a company has solutions that give it the right results. Video alerts allow you to balance the sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency of the business

  • Facial Recognition
  • Real-Time Video Alerts
  • People Count
  • Vehicle Parking Management
Converged Tech


Display solutions have become an essential tool for communication and knowledge transmission to all.

Our offerings of Digital Signage, Video Wall, Advanced AV control and more help your organization maximize sales opportunities, seminars, training sessions, and various other key communication objectives across boundaries, be it corporates, education institutes, or manufacturing units.

We help you simplify the creative process and design, install multimedia-enabled rooms using only the finest products.

  • Interactive Collaborative Solutions
  • Digital Signage and Video Wall
  • Video Conference
  • Meeting and Training Rooms


Techmind partners with its clients to manage and support all or part of their technological infrastructure services on a contractual basis. This allows them to focus more on their business while leveraging our IT expertise.


  • Managed Services
  • Cyber Security & VAPT
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Consultancy
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Techmind Solutions has more than a decade of providing IT Solutions in Dubai. With clients in different parts of the world, we guarantee our customers quality service. We specialize in a variety of solutions ranging from Cloud, Hyper-V, Edge computing, Virtualization, IT consulting, Remote Workspace solutions among others. Techmind Solutions is among the leading IT support and solutions companies in Dubai, UAE, and the African continent.

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