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AntiVirus and AnitiSpam Symantec Email Security Cloud


Complete Email Security for the Cloud Generation


At a Glance 

Block ransomware and emerging threats with the highest effectiveness and accuracy
Stop new and sophisticated threats such as ransomware,
spear phishing, and business email compromise with the
most effective and accurate email security.
Accelerate your threat response with Integrated  Cyber Defense
Contain attacks and orchestrate response across endpoint
security and web gateways by remediating attacks, blacklisting
threats, and correlating security analytics.
Stop spear phishing with a comprehensive defense
Shield your organization from spear-phishing through a
a comprehensive defense that includes multiple layers of
protection, strong isolation, deep visibility, and dynamic
security awareness
Ensure safe cloud adoption with the industry’s 
strongest controls
Fully secure Office 365 and G Suite through Symantec Email
Security. Cloud, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Data
Loss Prevention solutions.


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