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Ensure the right access to your unexpected visitors – “walk-ins” So, what is a visitor management system? It’s very simple. A visitor management system is aids in managing the flow of visitors into a company’s premises or other locations. Nowadays, due to the rise in technology, most businesses are doing away with the traditional way of registering their visitors. They are now opting for smart visitor registration through different means. A company can opt for a visitor management system with face recognition. All these options are a smart way for visitor recording and management when they enter your building to get your services and products. So, those companies that prioritize everyone’s health over everything are moving from legacy means of managing their visitors. With that, Techmind Solutions is your trusted partner in visitor management systems, UAE.

Visitor Management System

Self Check-in System – Face Recognition

Visitors need a warm welcome to your business for them to feel good. As such, good customer service is key. The majority of visitors when treated well tend to return and do business with you. Others may help in advertising your business. So, the more simple and easier to use your systems are, the more your visitors are happy. Thus, through a self-check-in visitor system, a visitor is able to pass a face detection system and gets recorded in your system. We offer these and solutions such as a visitor management system in UAE. Our zeal and passion is to provide solutions that will better business performance and improves access security as well.

Visitor Management Systems for Busy Places

A VMS helps manage the flow of visitors into a company’s facilities or other locations. As visitors arrive, they can use a kiosk loaded with a VMS to self-register for a meeting or event. Visitor identification, such as a photo ID or business card, can also be scanned and checked against a watch list to increase security at the premises. In addition, admin personnel can utilize the solution to manage assets, such as keys and access cards assigned to visitors. Each item can be individually tagged to mitigate the risk of loss or theft. This management of visitors helps in reducing unwanted or unauthorized access to buildings.

Visitor management Systems

Visitor management can be as simple as logging a visitor at the front desk, or it might require far more complexity. Despite all these, Techmind Solutions has solutions for everyone. Our systems meet the exact needs of any customer. With more flexibility in workflow and deployments than anyone else in UAE, we will deploy a VHS solution that operates best for your business and timeline, allowing you to:

  1. Provide a huge first impression to your guests while minimizing waiting times, and avoiding piggybacking and security breaches.
  2. Enhance right access provisions for every identity type on each visit – either at the front desk or through an automated self-check-in service.
  3. Minimize the burden associated with the front desk personnel on onboarding, pre-approval, and termination for guests

Why Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system (VMS), offers various capabilities to lessen work for your front desk personnel. Why other people might not have the know-how on how to use the face detection systems, some have the zeal to learn and use it. Therefore, a VHS offers a lot of features that are valuable to any business. Here are some of them:

Common Features of a Visitor Management System

Below are the common features to expect in a VHS:

Visitor Screening, Tracking, and Reporting A visitor management system allows for the company to track the number of visitors that enter your premises at any given moment. Through the use of Artificial intelligence, a VHS is able to give and recommend some useful data to your business. The VHS uses deep and machine learning to improve the reporting of data into meaningful and usable information. A lot of companies prefer reports that are accurate and valuable. With the use of visitor management for face recognition, the AL Algorithms produce meaningful insights that can be used by the management for decision making.

A visitor management system screens visitors using data from local or online watch lists. Schools and daycares often use a VMS to avoid unauthorized entry or alert security officials if a registered sex offender attempts to enter. This increases security levels at the premises. The system can retain information about each person, such as arrival and departure time, duration of visit, and more. This data is useful for determining the location of a visitor or generating reports on attendance, for example.


Pre-registration VMS users can enable pre-registration, which emails guests ahead of their visit. These emails can include dates, times, directions, parking information, and other details that help visitors get to their meetings quickly.



Visitor management allows guests to self-register by themselves. Through its face recognition capability, there is no need for contact with the system unlike in fingerprint registration. A self-check-in system reduces the risk of contracting diseases as it uses a contactless procedure. Visitors are registered as they pass through certain points in your business premises. These points will have been put at the point of entry to lessen the burden on the ups and downs of customers. As the visitors enter the building, their name tags on the barges and face information are recorded. Nowadays due to the advancement of technology, guests can self-register by using a tablet kiosk or smartphone as they gain access to a building. These visitor-facing interfaces can be customized with company logos or special instructions.


ID scanning and badging Time is money, hence, the need to have IT solutions that save time. Thus, instead of entering information by typing on a keypad, visitors can scan their business card or other photo identification to check in. The pictures or scanned documents can be used for check-in. A VMS can instantly print a name tag to give guests access to their intended destination in a building.


Electronic documents

Visitor management systems are well equipped with features that make it easier for guests to gain entry without delay. Through the use of electronic documents, visitors have access to your business without wasting their time. Therefore, a company can ask visitors to digitally sign documents when checking in, such as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect sensitive corporate information.


Notifications After a visitor checks in, the system can notify the employee they are scheduled to meet with, so meetings can start on time.


VHS   Deployment

The deployment of our visitor management system happens on the cloud or on-premise.  A VHS is a single solution for guests management, employees and contractors flow in compliance with set regulations. Thus, it offers a safe, efficient, and easy check-in experience for all visitors. So, make use of a VHS system to improve your customer waiting time. No single person entertains delay in their lives, so your visitors. Welcome guests with the beautifully simple to use visitor management system that keeps your workplace safe and saves your team time.

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